University of Texas at El Paso Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

Credit by Examination and Evaluation

We recognize academic achievement acquired outside the classroom and are pleased to offer UTEP credit for the courses listed below based on successful performance on the International Baccalaureate (IB), College Entrance Examination Board's Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, SAT II Subject Tests, DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests), and departmental examinations. These tests, cut-off scores, and testing policies have been approved by the academic colleges and departments teaching the respective courses. There might be other areas in which departmental examinations can be given for credit; please contact the appropriate academic departments for the availability of such examinations.

Credit by Examination Policies

  1. Credit by examination is available to all UTEP students unless credit has been earned for a higher level course in that subject area or a grade other than W has been received in the course.
  2. Official score reports must be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  3. Departmental test results and recommendations, with the approval of the department chair and the academic dean, must be sent directly to the Records Office.
  4. If a student has received credit by examination at another institution and have completed more advanced work in that subject area with a grade of C or better, credit will be allowed based on the basis of the other institution's transcript. Otherwise, official score reports must be submitted directly from the testing agency to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  5. Credit earned by examination satisfies degree requirements in the same way as credit earned by classroom instruction. There is no limit to the amount of credit that can be earned by examination, and credit by examination can be used to meet prerequisites for higher-level courses.
  6. Credit earned by examination does not fulfill the UTEP degree requirement for completion of 30 semester hours in residence.
  7. Credit earned by examination is recorded as a grade of CR. It is included in hours earned, but not in the grade point average calculation.
  8. Credit by examination is recorded on the official UTEP academic record after your first enrollment at the University.
  9. Changes in credit by examination policies, tests, and cut-off scores become effective the semester after the changes are approved.

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Credit for Non-Traditional Educational Experiences

Credit for non-traditional educational experiences is based on assessment through examination, portfolio evaluation, or awarded based on recommendations of recognized experts in the field and approved educational evaluators, such as American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations published in the National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs and the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. Direct course equivalents are provided, where applicable, in cases when recommendations are similar to courses offered at UTEP. Lower-division, advanced, or graduate credit may also be given, where appropriate. The Department or Program, and Academic Dean are responsible for establishing and applying procedures for determining the applicability of credit to a student's degree plan. For military experience or training, official records verifying course completion from the appropriate agency or from the ACE Registry of Credit Recommendations must be submitted to the Admissions Office. If an Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) or Navy Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) transcript are not available to verify military experience, official copies of the certificates of completion must be submitted. For workplace training or experience, appropriate documentation may be requested from supervisors or relevant training providers.