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Master Teacher Certifications

The Teacher Education Department provides preparation coursework for Texas Master Teacher Certification programs. These certification programs were developed as part of the Texas Master Teacher Initiatives (TEXMAT), which offer educators assistance to improve student performance in the discipline. The certificates were designed to prepare teachers to teach in critical areas at the elementary, middle, or high school level and to mentor, coach, and consult other teachers in these areas as well. The Master Certification programs are:

  • Master Mathematics Teacher (MMT)
  • Master Reading Teacher (MRT)
  • Master Science Teacher (MST)
  • Master Technology Teacher (MTT)

The Teacher Education Department offers the coursework to prepare teachers for Texas Master Teacher certification. This course work ranges from 15-24 hours of graduate-level courses designed specifically to meet the state standards. The courses taken for the MMT, MRT, MST, or MTT certification can, if all graduate school requirements are met, be applied toward one of the master’s degrees in Education. Students can enroll in the Master Teacher certification programs at UTEP at any time. State certification for one of the master teacher programs requires three (3) years’ teaching experience, successful completion of the master-teacher program, and a passing score on the appropriate Texas Master Teacher exam.

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Degree Plan

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Reading Education Program (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Required courses:
RED 5341Assessment/Teaching of Reading3
RED 5353Lang Study for Literacy Educ3
TED 5300Research for Classroom Teacher3
TED 5301Learning Contexts & Curriculum3
TED 5303Authentic/Perf Assess Clsrm3
TED 5304Scholarly Writing for Educ3
TED 5313Diversity in Educ. Settings3
Certificate Requirements:
Select one of the following sequences:6
Secondary Certificate
ELED 5321
TED 5396

and Independent Graduate Studies
Elementary Certificate
Curriculum in Secondary School
and Independent Graduate Studies
Reading Specialization:
Select two courses from the following:6
Curr Topics-Reading Education
Content Literacy
Issues in Adult Literacy
Literacy Education Practicum
Mentoring/Literacy Educators
Literacy/Biliteracy Developmnt
Total Hours33