Graduate Certificate in Bilingual Speech Language Pathology

To provide additional educational and practicum experience for speech-language pathologists in the area of diagnosis and treatment of Spanish only and Spanish/English individuals who are suffering speech-language-voice-swallowing disorders. This certification is designed for individuals seeking a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology.

  1. Any individual who is pursuing a master’s degree in speech-language pathology, or who has a master’s degree in speech-language pathology is eligible. Application via a letter of interest should be submitted to the coordinator of the program. Applicant must have a GPA of 3.0 in graduate studies, submit a letter of interest, submit official transcripts, and a summary of their clinical experiences.
  2. An individual must complete the following educational courses with a grade of B or higher
    SPLP 2313General Phonetics3
    SPLP 2111
    LING 3309Structure of Spanish3
    SPLP 3310Language Development3
    SPLP 5376Multicult/Multiling Issues3
  3. An individual must earn a passing score in the following English and Spanish test of proficiency:
    • Spanish Placement Exam administered at the UTEP Testing Center
    • English Placement Exam (TOEFL) administered at the UTEP Testing Center
  4. Clinical Practicum Practice
    The candidate must enroll in SPLP 5369 Grad Prac SPLP Univuntil the required contact hours with bilingual clients is completed. The candidate must complete at least 75 contact hours with a bilingual population during diagnostic and treatment clinical activities. These hours must be attested to by a supervising speech-language pathologist who holds a Certificate of Clinical Competency in speech-language pathology. The supervisor must also hold the Certificate of Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology, with at least 200 contact hours with bilingual clients following certification.
  5. The above is in keeping with ASHA Bilingual Service Provider Guidelines
    Those guidelines state that to be a bilingual service provider, the speech-language pathologist must be able to speak their primary language and speak/sign another language with native or near-native proficiency in vocabulary, meaning, pronunciation, grammar, and pragmatics during clinical management activities.
  6. The clinician should possess the following knowledge and clinical competences:
    1. Be able to describe the process of normal speech and language acquisition for both bilingual and monolingual individuals and how those processes are manifested in oral/manual and written language.
    2. Be able to administer and interpret standard and nonstandard assessment procedures to distinguish between communication differences and communication disorders in the client’s languages.
    3. Be able to apply intervention strategies for the treatment of communication disorders in the client’s languages.
    4. Be able to recognize cultural factors that impact the delivery of speech-language services in the client’s language community.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 16

Certificate in Bilingual Speech-Language (All courses require a grade of B or better for successful completion)
Required Courses:
LING 3309Structure of Spanish3
SPLP 21111
SPLP 2313General Phonetics3
SPLP 3310Language Development3
SPLP 5369Grad Prac SPLP Univ3
SPLP 5376Multicult/Multiling Issues3
Total Hours16