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The Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security is designed for working and mid-career professionals who already hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree and are interested in further professional education in this field. It consists of 15 semester hours of study and includes two required courses and three electives

Public Administration Graduate Certificate Requirements

Certificate Requirements

Five courses (15 semester credit hours) are required of all students.  Students will take a capstone course (PAD 5367, Comprehensive Integration of Public Administration) that calls for demonstration of competency in the area of interest, in a professional format.  Each student will design and complete a research project that demonstrates the ability to synthesize and apply relevant knowledge and skills to a public service problem.  The capstone course may be aligned with degree requirements.

Certificate Admission Requirements

Prospective students must apply through the Graduate School.  Applicants must complete the graduate school application and provide an official transcript.  Admission into the program will be based on the applicant’s undergraduate record.  Students who enroll in the certificate program and decide at a later date to pursue a graduate degree may apply to the appropriate graduate program and request that the units be incorporated in the degree program at admission.

Curriculum (15 semester hours)

Two required courses (6 semester credit hours):
PAD 5340Pro-Seminar-Homeland Security3
PAD 5367Comprehen Integration/Pub Adm3
Three courses (9 semester credit hours) selected from the following courses:9
Legal Issues-Homeland Security
Risk Analysis
Crime and Border Security
Emergency Management
Public Hlth & Hmland Security
Critical Infrastructure Protec
Intergovernmental Relations
Total Hours15

Additional Information

Each course in the certificate program also includes four components:

  1. Writing in a variety of genres;

  2. development of audience-specific oral communication skills through individual and group presentations;

  3. team building skills via group project assignments; and

  4. an ethics component that draws on case studies to develop skills in critical assessment of ethical dilemmas.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 15

Homeland Security Graduate Certificate (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Required Courses:
INSS 5340Pro-Seminar Homeland Security3
PAD 5367Comprehen Integration/Pub Adm3
PAD Electives:
Select three courses from the following:9
Risk Analysis
Crime & Border Security
Emergency Management
Public Hlth & Homeland Securit
Critical Infrastructure Prtcn
Legal Issues-Homeland Security
Professional Skills
Intergovernmental Relations
Total Hours15