Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

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The PhD in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences is designed to respond to the growing national shortage of doctorally educated professionals in health-related fields and to address significant health-research needs related to communities in the U.S.-Mexico border region. The program embraces an interdisciplinary model of teaching and learning that seeks holistic perspectives on health-related issues. Thus, this degree encompasses classes taught by faculty from the various disciplines within the College of Health Sciences and the School of Nursing. Disciplines include Nursing, Physical Therapy, Health Promotion, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, and Kinesiology, as well as Public Health. Courses from programs outside the College of Health Sciences and the School of Nursing, such as those in Psychology and Biology, are included.

Graduates from this program will have research skills, core knowledge in health sciences, and knowledge in their areas of specialization. The areas of core knowledge include theory, concepts, and literature in the health disciplines, methods of scholarly inquiry in applied and clinical health topics; cultural and ethnic diversity and their effects on health care and research; ethical issues in health care and research; and skills to enhance success in academia and other leadership roles. Individuals will be prepared to educate future health professionals, conduct needed research, and fulfill leadership roles.

Requirements for Admission

Admission to the PhD program in Health Sciences requires completion of a master's degree in a health-related profession. The program admissions committee will make recommendations to the Graduate School based on an assessment of each applicant's academic achievement and potential. Applicants must apply through the Graduate School, submitting an application form and the following supporting materials:

  • Transcripts according to the requirements of the Graduate School
  • Official scores on the Graduate Record Exam
  • Official scores on the TOEFL (if appropriate)
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals qualified to assess the applicant's potential for doctoral work
  • Personal statement describing career aspirations, potential research interests and faculty mentors, and research experiences
  • Other evidence of relevant personal or professional experience
  • Successful completion of a background check

Requirements for the Degree

Degree requirements consist of 60 credit hours beyond the master's degree.

All graduate courses in the College of Health Sciences, the School of Nursing, or graduate courses at the UTHSC-Houston School of Public Health El Paso campus can be used to meet program requirements as approved by the student's supervisory committee.

Non-CHSC course descriptions can be found under the corresponding departments. Public Health El Paso (PHEP) courses can be found on line. Program course descriptions are listed below.

A copy of the dissertation in PDF or Word electronic format must be submitted to the Graduate School for format check prior to the scheduled defense date. The dissertation, including an abstract not to exceed 350 words, must be prepared according to the Graduate School's thesis and dissertation guidelines available at the Graduate School Web site. The student will receive email confirmation from the Graduate School after the format has been approved. The final Graduate School-approved dissertation must be submitted to the Graduate School in PDF electronic format by the deadline as published in the Class Schedule, along with a hard copy of the signature page with original signatures of the dissertation committee members. Information on submission procedures can be found on the Graduate School website. The signature page must be included in the PDF file, but it should not be signed.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 60

PhD in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Required Courses:
CHSC 6303Proseminar Interdis Hlth Sci I3
CHSC 6304Proseminar Interdis Hlth Sc II3
CHSC 6305Quantitative Meth-Hlth Sci I3
CHSC 6306Quantitative Meth-Hlth Sci II3
CHSC 6307Interdisciplinary Research3
CHSC 6308Psychometrics in Health Scienc3
CHSC 6396Advanced Research Methods3
Professional Preparation
Required Course:
CHSC 6302Legal & Ethical Issues in HSCI3
Select one course from the following:3
Acad. Roles & Responsibilities
Designing Educational Programs
Innovative Teaching Strategies
Scientific and Grant Writing
Communication and Team Process
Individualized Program
Select four courses from the following:12
Multicultural Effects on Hlth
Special Topics in Health
Time Series Analysis
Cross-Cultural Rsrch Methods
In addition, all graduate courses in the College of Health Sciences and School of Nursing may be used to meet program requirements, as approved by student's Ph.D. Doctoral Academic Committee.
Dissertation (Two semesters required. May be taken multiple times but only twice for credit))
Select four courses from the following: 212
Independent Study
Research Applications
Directed Study
Total Hours60