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Listed below are the tentative 2017-2018 academic calendars. For detailed information or changes, students should visit the academic calendar Web site,

For mini-term dates, visit the Class Schedule Web page,, (under Registration Information), or call the Registration and Records Office at 915.747.5544.

Fall 2017

Aug 28th - Fall Classes Begin

Aug 28-31 - Late Registration

Sept 4th - Labor Day Holiday - University closed

Sept 13th-Fall Census day

Nov 3rd - Fall Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

Nov 23-24-Thanksgiving Holiday - University Closed

Dec 7th - Fall - Last day of classes

Dec 8th-Dead Day

Dec 11-15 - Fall Final Exams

Dec 16th - Fall Commencement

Wintermester 2018

Jan 2nd - Wintermester Classes Begin; last day to register; Census Day

Jan 9th - Wintermester Drop/Withdrawal deadline

Jan 12th - Wintermester last class day

Jan 13th - Wintermester Final Exams

Spring 2018

Jan 15th-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - University Closed

Jan 16th -Spring Classes Begin

Jan 16-19 - Late Registration

Jan 31st - Spring Census Day

March 12-16 - Spring Break

Mar 29th - Spring Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

Mar 30th -Cesar Chavez Holiday /Spring Study Day - no classes

May 3rd - Spring - last day of classes

May 4th - Dead Day

May 7-11- Spring Final Exams

May 12th - Spring Commencement

Maymester 2018

May 14th - Maymester classes begin; last day to register; Census Day

May 21st -Maymester Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

May 25th -Maymester - last day of classes

May 26th -Maymester Final Exams

May 28th -Memorial Day Holiday - University Closed

Summer 2018

June 11th -Summer 1 & Full Term Classes begin; last day to register

June 13th -Summer 1 Census Day

June 18th -Summer Full Term Census Day

June 29th -Summer 1 Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

July 4th -Independence Day Holiday - University Closed

July 6th -Summer 1 - Last day of classes

July 9th -Summer 1 Final Exams; Full term classes do not meet

July 10th  -Summer 2 Classes begin

July 12th -Summer 2 Census Day

July 13th -Summer Full Term Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

July 27th -Summer 2 Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

Aug 3rd -Summer 2 & Full Term - Last day of classes

Aug 6-7 -Summer 2 & Full Term Finals


 Individual graduate programs often have earlier application deadlines or might accept applications for only specific semesters. Applicants should contact the departmental graduate advisor or the Graduate School.