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Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

The Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Management (HCMA) requires 12 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) of coursework after prerequisites have been satisfied. 

This program is open to business and non-business majors and is offered in response to the growing demand for professionals with experience in healthcare management.  Ten of the twenty fastest-growing jobs in the US are in the healthcare sector, and the number of jobs for healthcare administrators is expected to grow by 17% annually for the next decade.  Students enrolled in HCMA certificate program will be required to complete three main courses which combined cover topics of healthcare operations and finance, health economics, patient safety, and quality control, and revenue management.  A fourth final course involves a practicum designed to allow students to obtain hands-on experience working in partner healthcare institutions in the US and other countries.  Students will have the choice of completing their practicum in a hospital or clinic setting, public health organization, or health insurance institution.  As a result, graduates of the HCMA certificate program will acquire essential skills and knowledge which will provide them with a significant edge to compete successfully in the healthcare sector

Admission Requirements 

Students will be admitted into the Certificate in HCMA Program on a competitive basis, and will have to complete the following pre-requisite courses:

ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting I *3
ECON 2304Principles of Microeconomics *3
MGMT 3303Intro-Mgmt/Organizational Beha *3
QMB 2301Business Stats & Analytics I (or equivalent ) *3

As part of the pre-requisites students will also need to select ONE of the following courses or equivalent:

MATH 1320Math for Social Sciences I *3
MATH 2301Math for Social Sciences II *3
STAT 2480Elementary Statistical Methods *4

Students must complete the following courses with a passing grade prior to applying for the Healthcare Management Certificate Program

Degree Plan

Required Courses
ECON 4369
HCMA 4310Intro Health Operations Mgmt3
HCMA 4320Fin Perform Mgmt in Healthcare3
HCMA 4340Healthcare Mgmt Practicum3
Total Hours9