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Degree Plan

Required Courses:
ECON 2303Principles of Economics (C)3
ECON 2304Principles of Economics (C)3
ECON 3302Intermed Macroeconomic Theory3
or ECON 3303 Intermed Microeconomic Theory
Select nine hours of upper-division Economics courses:9
Intermed Macroeconomic Theory
Intermed Microeconomic Theory
Managerial Economics
Money and Banking
Public Choice
Regional Economics
Urban Economics
Industrial Organ & Govern Pol
Economics of Latin America
Economic Development
Mathematical Economics
Introduction to Econometrics
History of Economic Thought
Current Issues in Banking
International Economics
Public Sector Economics
Economics & Law
Economics of Labor
Economy of Mexico
Independent Study in Economics
Current Topics in Econ
Select one of the following:3
Math for Social Sciences I (C)
Math for Social Sciences II
STAT 2380
Elementary Statistical Methods
Total Hours21