Minor in Finance

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Minor in Finance for Non-Business Majors

Required Courses:
ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting I3
ECON 2304Principles of Economics3
FIN 3310Business Finance3
FIN 3315Investments3
FIN 3325Money & Capital Markets3
Finance Electives
Select six hours of FIN at the 4300 level:6
Managerial Finance
Commercial Bank Management
Managerial Finance Laboratory
Current Issues in Banking
Portfolio Analysis
Portfolio Analysis Laboratory
Analysis of Derivatives
Fin Anal of Firm & Valuation
Finance fr Hospitality/Tourism
International Finance
Central Banking
Actuarial Finance
Financial Econometrics
FED Collegiate Adv Brd Resrch
Internship in Finance
Independent Study In Finance
Current Topics in Finance
Select a course from list below:3
Math for Social Sciences I
Math for Social Sciences II
Elementary Statistical Methods
Total Hours24

Minor in Finance for Business Majors 

Required Courses:
FIN 3315Investments3
FIN 4310Managerial Finance3
FIN 4311AManagerial Finance Laboratory1.5
FIN 4315Portfolio Analysis3
FIN 4315APortfolio Analysis Laboratory1.5
Total Hours12