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Physical Therapy is a health profession whose primary purpose is the promotion of optimal physical function. The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree provides a professional entry education at the doctoral level. Physical therapists apply scientific principles to prevent and treat acute and chronic movement disorders. Physical therapy encompasses areas of specialization and includes the development of new approaches to more effectively meet existing and emerging health care needs. Other professional activities that physical therapists participate in include research, education, and administration.

Admission requirements include an earned bachelor’s degree including 49 semester hours of prerequisites. The Required Course List is attached. Note that a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on four point scale, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in prerequisite courses are required. In addition, 50 clock hours of volunteer or paid experience in a physical therapy setting is required, and must be supervised by a licensed physical therapist. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is also required, and while there is no minimum score required, the score will be considered in the competitive admissions process.

Students must complete an undergraduate degree prior to beginning this program. Physical Therapy prerequisites must also be completed. Each qualified applicant is scheduled for an interview with the Admissions Committee.

Prerequisite Courses

Forty-nine (49) semester hours are required prerequisite courses. These courses must meet specified conditions1 and include:

Semester Hours Subject UTEP Course Number Texas Common Course Number EPCC Course Number
8 Majors' Biology with Lab BIOL 1305/ BIOL 1107 & BIOL 1306/1106 & BIOL 1406 &
either BIOL 1306/ BIOL 1108 or BIOL 1307/1107 BIOL 1407
BIOL 3314 - BIOL 3115 or No equivalent No equivalent
ZOOL 2406 BIOL 2428 BIOL 2428
4 Upper-Level Physiology Course with Lab BIOL 4388/ ZOOL 4181 or No equivalent No equivalent
ZOOL 4380/ ZOOL 4181 No equivalent No equivalent
8 Chemistry CHEM 1407 & CHEM 1406 CHEM 1407 &
CHEM 1408 or No equivalent CHEM 1408
CHEM 1305/ CHEM 1106 CHEM 1311/1111 & CHEM 1411 &
CHEM 1306/ CHEM 1106 CHEM 1312/1112 CHEM 1412
8 Precalculus-Level Physics with Lab PHYS 1403 & PHYS 1401 & PHYS 1401 &
PHYS 1404 PHYS 1402 PHYS 1402
6 Pyschology: General & Development to include Entire Life Span PSYC 1301 & PSYC 2301 & PSYC 2301 &
PSYC 2310 PSYC 2314 PSYC 2314
9 English (Must Include Composition) ENGL 1311 & ENGL 1301 & ENGL 1301 &
ENGL 1312 & ENGL 1302 ENGL 1302
ENGL 3359 No equivalent No equivalent
3 Speech COMM 1301 or SPCH 1315 or SPCH 1315 or
COMM 1302 SPCH 1321 SPCH 1321
3 Statistics - Should include ANOVA. Preferably a Psychology or Education-Based Course PSYC 1303 PSYC 2317 PSYC 2317

Selection Criteria

Completion of the above requirements makes a student eligible for selection but does NOT guarantee admission to the Physical Therapy Program. The final selection is competitive and is based on academic course work and the other requirements.

Admissions Process:

There are two deadlines for submission of admission packets each year. To be considered for Fall interviews, all materials must be received by November 1. To be considered for Spring interviews, all materials must received by February 1.

Students should apply when they are within 1 semester of completion of course requirements for admission. Our objective is to fill the class with students who complete all course requirements by the end of the Spring Semester of the year for entrance into our program. Completed applications will be reviewed semiannually in February and November. Interviews for qualified applicants will be scheduled in November and February/March for qualified applicants. Following the November interviews, exceptionally well-qualified students will be immediately accepted to the program. Other qualified applicants will be placed in a “pool”, will remain in competition for class slots, and will be compared to subsequent applicants in March. The application process will close February 1 for all admissions. Applications remain viable for one year (i.e., from date application fee is received by Graduate School). To continue to be considered after one year, one must reapply.

All applications, supporting documentation, transcripts, and test scores should be sent to:

Graduate School (Physical Therapy), The University of Texas at El Paso
223 Academic Services Building
500 West University Ave.
El Paso, Texas 79968

Inquires can be made to:

Physical Therapy Program
UTEP College of Health Sciences
1101 North Campbell Street
El Paso, TX 79902-0581

See the Graduate Catalog for more detailed information about the Physical Therapy Program.

Degree Plan

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DIRECTOR: Dr. Deborah Diaz


Kathleen A. Curtis 
Contact Information:; 915-747-7201 
Education: BS, University of Tulsa; MA, San Jose State University; Ph D, University of California

Associate Professor

Deborah Diaz 
Contact Information:; 915-747-7248
Education: BS, California State University, Long Beach; MA, California State University, Long Beach; Ph D, University of California Los Angeles

Associate Clinical Professor

Loretta S. Dillon 
Contact Information:; 915-747-8215
Education: BS, University of Texas at El Paso; MA, University of Texas at El Paso; DPT, Arizona School of Health Sciences

Assistant Professors

Ellen C. Dengler 
Contact Information:; 915-747-7610
Education: Ph D, University of New Mexico

Celia M. Pechak 
Contact Information:; 915-747-7289
Education: BS, Marquette University; Master of Public Health, University of Hawaii; Ph D, Texas Woman's University

Justin Sipla 
Contact Information:; 915-747-5000
Education: BA, Univ. Calif. Los Angeles; MS, Stony Brook University; Ph.M., Stony Brook University; Ph D, Stony Brook University

Assistant Clinical Professor

Michelle L. Gutierrez 
Contact Information:; 915-747-5000
Education: DS c PT, University of Alabama at Birmingham