Chicano Studies

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Chicano Studies

Chicano Studies offers a variety of courses from a number of disciplines. These courses are designed to impart knowledge about the Mexican-origin population, and its distribution in the U.S., as well as its history, literature, culture, economic features, social issues, and language. Chicano Studies is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to prepare for:

  1. careers in community development programs and teaching at all levels;
  2. further study in the fields of the humanities, social science, law, and education;
  3. advanced study in cultural, gender and American studies; and
  4. professional studies such as law and health.

All courses listed in this interdisciplinary program are open to students meeting the academic prerequisites. Students may start at the sophomore level. Credit can be counted toward:

  1. An interdisciplinary major in Chicano Studies (30 semester hours of core courses)
  2. A minor (18 hours): Social Science Option, Humanities Option, Fine Arts Option, and Interdisciplinary Option.

Students desiring to pursue one of these programs should consult the Chicano Studies Academic Advisor to determine a course of study suitable to their interests and professional needs.

Program Director

Dr. Dennis Bixler-Marquez

Academic Advisor

Dr. Elvira Carrizal-Dukes


Professors Emeriti: Jon Amaste, Fernando N. García, Antonio González, Norma G. Hernández, Cheryl Howard, Ana Huerta-Macías, Carl Jackson, Charles Martin, Susana Navarro, Kirsten F. Nigro, Arturo Pacheco, William Springer, Kathleen Staudt, Ellwyn Stoddard, Richard V. Teschner, Roberto E. Villarreal 

Art: Castro, Jáquez, Perry

Chicano Studies: Aragonés, Bixler-Márquez, Carmona, Carrizal-Dukes, Díaz, Galicia, García, Juárez, Madrigal-González, Montelongo, Natividad, Ortega, Ramírez, Rojas

Clinical Laboratory Sciences: Domínguez

Communication: Avant-Mier, Barrera-Herrera, Pérez, Pineda, Upton

Creative Writing: Alcalá, Chacón, Hernández, Pimentel

Criminal Justice: Curry

Educational Psychology and Special Services: Argus-Calvo

Educational Leadership and Foundations: Arellano, Espinoza, Martinez, Rincones

English: Abarca, Durá, Espinosa, Gladstein, Rodríguez, Rohrleitner

History: Chávez, Leyva, Martínez, Shepherd, Topp, Veloz, Villarreal

Institute for Policy and Economic Development: Bretting

Intelligence and National Security Studies: Valero

Languages and Linguistics: Elerick, Tabuenca

Leadership Studies: Chacón Silva

Music: Shaheen, Rubio Restrepo 

Nursing: Amaya

Philosophy: Reed-Sandoval 

Political Science: Algara, Reid, Villalobos

Psychology: Castañeda, Morera, Zárate

Social Work: Chávez, Lusk, Moya

Sociology and Anthropology: Campbell, Heyman, Luykx, Morales, Murga, Núñez-Mchiri, Vazquez

Teacher Education: Bach, Carrejo, Cashman, De La Piedra, Herrera, Izquierdo, Reza-Lopez, Reyes, Rossatto, Seda, Ullman

Theatre and Dance: Barba, Domínguez, Goletti, López-Ramírez, Rivas, Smith 

UTEP/UT Austin Cooperative Pharmacy Program: Sias

Artists-in-Residence: Cabrera, Callejo, Enríquez, Guerrero, Natividad, Salas 

Chicano Studies

First Floor, Graham Hall
Phone: 915.747.5462
Fax: 915.747.6501