Minor in Intelligence and National Security Studies

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College of Liberal Arts

National Security Studies Institute

Kelly Hall, Room 213B
(915) 747-6906


This minor program is designed to allow students to become familiar with intelligence and security needs and problems of risk confronted by private and governmental organizations. Students will be introduced to problems and reasoning concerning matters of security, counterintelligence, transnational threats such as terrorism and drug cartels, diplomacy, international transactions, intelligence bureaucracies, and related areas. The program is valuable for students interested in understanding the complex world of security, intelligence, and counterintelligence and for students seeking careers in the U.S. Intelligence Community and private agencies employing security technology, methodology, and services. The minor program is highly flexible and will benefit students from any college or major at UTEP. Students are required to complete six hours of required courses, six hours of prescribed electives in the intelligence and national security studies (INSS) curriculum, and six hours from a list of interdisciplinary electives. Any UTEP undergraduate student in good academic standing is eligible for enrollment in the Minor in Intelligence and National Security Studies.

Required Courses:
INSS 3302Sem in Intel and Nat'l Sec3
INSS 4301Intel Collection & Analysis3
Prescribed Electives:
Select two of the following:6
Selected Problems in Intel
Historical Dev of Nat'l Sec
Intel & Counterterrorism
Intel & Counterproliferation
Counterintelligence & Security
Seminar in Homeland Security
Crime and Border Security
Cyberspace & National Security
Technical Intelligence
Selected Problems in Intel
Professional Practices
Security Studies Internship
Interdisciplinary Electives:
Select two of the following:6
Intercultural Communication
American Foreign Rel Snc 1914
American Military History
History of Modern East Asia
Modern Africa
History of Modern China
20th Century Europe, 1900-Pres
The Americas
The Border
U.S. Military History
International Relations
International Security
Foreign Policy of the U.S.
Internat'l Political Economy
Major World Religions
Total Hours18