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A broad, flexible, interdisciplinary minor designed for undergraduates to gain an understanding of Jewish civilization and its creative and cultural experiences. The minor, which is non-theological in orientation, is an academic exploration of the multi-faceted, socio-historical, 4,000-year record of Jewish people. Courses taught in and cross-listed with the minor highlight the diversity of cultural, political, social, and religious experiences of Jewish people in different times and places. The minor is structured to provide an in-depth liberal arts education that will constitute a foundation for advanced academic study, professional careers in a variety of fields, and a more complex and rich understanding of the world. A key component of the minor is an examination of the rich cultural tradition of the Jewish people of Mexico and Latin America.

Degree Plan

Select eighteen hours of upper-division course from the Inter-American Jewish Studies minor course offerings: 118
Backgrounds and Foundations
From Faith to Reason
Challenges of Modern Culture
Special Topics in Humanities
Special Topics/Jewish Studies
Theories in Jewish Studies
Directed Study
Total Hours18

This includes courses in Literature, Linguistics, Art, History, Philosophy, Border Studies, Religious Studies, Music, Theater, Communication, Humanities and Western Cultural Heritage; all proposals must be approved by the department.