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DIRECTOR: Denise Lujan
COORDINATOR: Marsha Cardenas and Saul Soto
FACULTY: Myres-Bishop, Cardenas, Hernandez, Mena, Soto

Education 205
Phone: 915-747-5693
Fax: 915-747-5655\developmentalmath

The Developmental Math Department is dedicated to preparing and supporting underprepared students for academic success in college level math through the use of creative course design, technology, and interventions based on the belief that every student should have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals. The Developmental Math Department currently offers two courses; MATH 0311 Intermediate Algebra MATH 0311 Intermediate AlgebraMATH 0311 Intermediate AlgebraMATH 0311 Intermediate AlgebraMATH 0311 Intermediate Algebra, and MATH 0310 however, due to legislative house and senate bills passed in 2011 there will be changes to the course offerings over the next few years.  Please contact the department for the latest updates.