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DIRECTOR: Dorothy Ward
ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS: Ann Gabbert, Joanne Kropp
LECTURERS: Hibbert, Kilpatrick, Pena, Pihlaja, Varela, Wilson-James
PROGRAM ADVISOR/LECTURERS: Calderon, Duarte, Everett, Garcia, Jimenez, Montes, Munoz, Ramos, Rodriquez, Sterling, Tejeda

344 Undergraduate Learning Center
Phone: 915.747.7618
Fax: 915.747.6496

The Entering Student Program is designed to assist students in their transition to the university and to help increase their opportunities for academic success. The Entering Student Program offers two courses—UNIV 1301 Seminar/Critical Inquiry (C) and UNIV 2350 Interdisciplinary Tech/Soc (C) UNIV 2350 Interdisciplinary Tech/Soc (C)—that make up Block IX of the UTEP Core Curriculum, and it administers learning communities for both general and special populations. UNIV 2350 can only be considered a core course for students who entered the university prior to the 2014-2015 academic year.

University Courses

UNIV 1301 Seminar/Critical Inquiry (C) and UNIV 2350 Interdisciplinary Tech/Soc (C) are courses taught by faculty and staff from various departments across campus. UNIV 1301 Seminar/Critical Inquiry (C) is a discipline-based, theme-driven course designed to engage students in the University community. Enrollment in UNIV 1301 Seminar/Critical Inquiry (C) UNIV 1301 Seminar/Critical Inquiry (C) is restricted to students with fewer than thirty (30) hours of earned credit the semester in which they are taking the course. UNIV 2350 Interdisciplinary Tech/Soc (C) is designed to engage students in a critical examination of technology and its effects. Entering students must take either UNIV 1301 Seminar/Critical Inquiry (C)  or UNIV 2350 Interdisciplinary Tech/Soc (C) UNIV 2350 Interdisciplinary Tech/Soc (C) to satisfy Block IX of the Core Curriculum. By successfully completing either of these courses, students gain credit toward graduation. The course descriptions identify the innovative nature of the two courses. More information about both courses can be found at the Entering Student Program Website:

Entering Student Program Learning Communities

The Entering Student Program also coordinates learning communities for entering students. Learning communities connect students through linked courses. Students enrolled in learning communities attend two, three, or more courses together; for example, a "community" of students might be enrolled together in an English and a history class. Sharing courses in this way increases students' opportunities to make friends, form study groups, work closely with faculty, and connect ideas across courses. The Class Schedule contains a list of learning communities offered each semester.