COORDINATOR: Theresa S. Ramirez

Honors House
Phone: (915) 747-5858
Fax: (915) 747-5841

The University Honors Program encourages eligible students who are committed to academic excellence, students who want to be engaged on campus and in the community, and students who will make optimum use of UTEP resources to participate in the program.

Freshmen who meet the minimum SAT (1030) or ACT (22) exam score or have graduated top ten percent in their high school class are admitted to UTEP as Honors Admission students. Honors Admission students are required to complete a minimum of 6 hours of Honors course work during the fall semester of their freshmen year to be considered active program members. Current students with a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA are eligible to apply to the program. Applications are accepted throughout the academic year, there is no application deadline. Students who transfer to UTEP and who were Honors Program/College members in good standing at their previous institution are eligible to apply. Upon verification of good academic status, students will be accepted into the University Honors Program.

University Honors Program participants must complete a minimum of one Honors course per year and maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA to remain active program members.

Honors Courses

Honors sections offer students a richer, more intense and challenging academic experience, as well as closer, more personalized contact with faculty and fellow students. To enroll in Honors courses, students must be registered by office staff at the Honors House. Students cannot register into Honors courses on Goldmine. Enrollment in Honors courses is generally limited to 20 students.

Honors Contracts

Honors Program members enrolled in a non-honors section of a course can arrange to earn Honors credit under the close supervision of the instructor. If the contract work is completed and evaluated as Honors quality by the instructor and a final grade of “A” or “B” is earned for the course, Honors credit for the class will be awarded and the Honors (H) designation will appear on the student’s transcript. Detailed guidelines and Honors Contract documents are available at the Honors House.

Honors Transfer Credit

If an Honors course is completed elsewhere, at an institution accredited by the Association for Colleges and Schools, and transfers as the equivalent of a course offered at UTEP, the Honors course will be counted toward hours needed to earn University Honors Program Recognition. If Honors course work completed elsewhere is transferred to UTEP as TR (transfer elective), then the course must be evaluated on an individual basis by the University Honors Program. A minimum of 15 hours of Honors credit at UTEP is required for University Honors Program Recognition to be awarded upon graduation.

Honors Recognition

The University Honors Program offers three options for recognition upon graduation: the University Honors Degree, the University Honors Certificate or the Honors Senior Thesis.

University Honors Degree: Students interested in pursuing a more comprehensive Honors education can elect to obtain an Honors Degree designation on their transcript and diploma by completing 30 or more hours of Honors course work. Six hours must be upper-division Honors credit or satisfactory completion of a two semester Honors Senior Thesis project (HON 4395 Honors Senior Thesis & HON 4396 Honors Senior Thesis). Candidates for the Honors Degree must graduate with a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA to receive the Honors Degree recognition.

University Honors Certificate: Students who complete 18 – 29 hours of Honors courses can earn the University Honors Certificate notation on their transcript and diploma. A minimum of 6 hours must be upper-division, and 3 hours can be by approved independent study course work. Candidates must have a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA upon graduation to receive Honors Certificate recognition.

Honors Senior Thesis: Students can conduct research under the direction of a faculty member in their major department and report their findings in thesis form. During the first semester (HON 4395 Honors Senior Thesis), a copy of the prospectus prepared by the student describing the proposed thesis should be submitted to the University Program office. A bound or disc copy of the student’s project must also be submitted to the Honors House upon completion of HON 4396 Honors Senior Thesis. The Honors Senior Thesis designation is not included on the student’s diploma.

Honors Regalia

University Honors Degree – Gold stole
University Honors Certificate – Lilac cord
University Honors Senior Thesis – Dark green cord

Junior Scholars Program

The Junior Scholars Program is a cooperative effort between The University of Texas at El Paso and El Paso area public and private schools that allows qualified students to enroll in regular university courses at the UTEP campus while attending high school. Hours earned in this way will count as university credit and some courses may also be approved to apply toward high school graduation requirements.

Requirements for the Junior Scholars Program are:

  1. Current enrollment in grades 9 – 12
  2. Minimum SAT score (M&V) of 1030 or ACT Composite score of 22
  3. Completion of university required placement examinations

Junior Scholars Program participants are required to cover the cost of UTEP tuition, textbooks, course materials and registration fees. Junior Scholars do not qualify for financial aid. For information on tuition and registration fees, students should contact the UTEP Student Business Services office (915) 747-5116.

Student Leadership Institute

UTEP provides abundant opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. The University Honors Program coordinates the Student Leadership Institute, which is a unique semester-long experience that prepares students for leadership and employment opportunities in a variety of on-campus positions. Training topics include communication skills, group management, leadership theory, time management, and UTEP history. Students who complete Student Leadership Institute training are given first priority in the application and selection process for UNIV 1301 Seminar/Critical Inquiry (C) /UNIV 2350 Interdisciplinary Tech/Soc (C) peer leader positions. 

For information regarding institutional academic honors, please see the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.