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Graduate Certificate in Dual Language Education

The Dual Language Education Graduate Certificate seeks to offer intensive training for educators in dual language bilingual education, including those currently working in a dual language setting and those seeking those positions. The coursework includes the foundations of dual language education, building biliteracy, culturally competent pedagogies, and a certificate capstone course. This program welcomes speakers of Spanish, English or both.

The objectives for the Dual Language Education Certificate include the following:

Students will be able to:

  1. articulate the foundational principles guiding dual language education, including curriculum and instruction, program structure, assessment and family and community as it pertains to dual language education;
  2. design curriculum and learning environments that promote and value bilingualism and biliteracy;
  3. create learning environments that demonstrate cultural proficiency and advocacy for social justice as a means to create educational access and opportunity for every student;
  4. inquire on the implementation of dual language education in authentic settings;
  5. produce an electronic portfolio that demonstrates evidence of the skills, knowledge and dispositions in dual language education, to include elements such as reflections, multimedia, images, curriculum development.

Program Requirements

Students must complete 12 semester credit hours (SCH) with a grade of “B” or better in order to satisfy the requirements of the Dual Language Education Certificate.

Admission Requirements

  • Acceptance into the Graduate School (includes 3.0 GPA* and transcripts)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A statement of purpose outlining applicant’s interest in the Certificate (a 500-word statement describing previous education-related experience, reasons for pursuing the Dual Language Certificate, and future career plans)

These requirements were established so that the application process would be reasonable for the candidate profiles outlined above. In accordance to Graduate School guidelines for admission procedures, this certificate uses a holistic approach in the admission of applicants. *The Graduate Program Committee will review applications below a 3.0 GPA, and may decide to admit an applicant using a holistic approach.

Degree Plan

Required Courses
BED 5335Dual Language Education3
BED 5336Biliteracy3
BED 5339Acad Language in DL Settings3
BED 5340Capstone Course for DL Edu.3
Total Hours12