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Graduate Certificate in Electric Power and Energy Systems

The Graduate Certificate in Electric Power and Energy Systems (EPES) goal is to prepare graduate students and professional engineers to work in the electric power and energy industry.  The program requires the completion of 12 graduate credits, consisting of at least once course from the core course list and at most three courses from the elective course list, with minimum grade of C in each course and overall GPA of at least 3.00/4.00.  Admission into the program will normally require applicants to have bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or related field.  Depending on their background, non-Electrical Engineering applicants may be asked to enroll in leveraging coursework.

Applicants enrolled in a Master's degree must be in good standing in the Graduate School, while professional engineers must meet admission requirements for non-degree student enrollment.  Up to three credits of electric power and energy, coursework may be transferable from other accredited institutions. All coursework from the certificate may be transferable as credit toward meeting degree requirements for the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering or the PhD program in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Degree Plan 

One to Three (1-3) courses from the following list of Core Courses
ECE 5312Energy Sustainability3
ECE 5313Advanced Trans Power Flow Cont3
ECE 5310Power System Operations3
One to Three (1-3) courses from the following list of Elective Courses*
ECE 5314Applied Photovoltaics3
ECE 5311Smart Grid Fundamentals3
EE 5386
ECE 5390Special Topics Electrical Engr3
*Other courses not in the list but related to the power and energy area can be included as an elective with Graduate Advisor approval
**Topic must be in Electric Power and Energy Systems and requires Graduate Advisor approval