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Graduate Certificate in Teaching English

The Graduate Certificate is intended for prospective or current English teachers who plan to teach dual-credit, college-level English courses (i.e., courses that count for both high school and college credit). To obtain the certificate, students will take 18 semester credit hours of graduate English content courses. Credit earned for the certificate can be counted towards one of the three Master’s programs in the English Department (English & American Literature, Rhetoric & Writing Studies, or the Master of Arts in Teaching English).

Admission Requirements

1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution or proof of equivalent education at a foreign institution.

2. The bachelor’s degree must be in English or the applicant must have 12 hours of advanced-level English courses.

3. GPA of 3.0 or above.

4. An analytical writing sample.

5. A statement of purpose.

6. Names of three professional references who may be asked to write letters.

Conditional admittance will be given if the application materials show potential for success but are lacking in one area (such as the GPA). In this case, students will need to take one graduate class in English/Rhetoric & Writing Studies, and receive a B or A in the class before they can be fully admitted into the program.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

There are no required courses. The student selects courses from the Prescribed Elective Course list below. If a student is interested in the rhetoric sequence, taking RWS 5322 Rhetorical Theory  and RWS 5309 is strongly recommended.

Prescribed Elective Courses

The Department of English has three (3) programmatic areas; each offers a graduate degree and courses of graduate study. Ideally, if the student wants broad preparation he/she will select two (2) courses from each area; however, a student has the option of taking one (1) course from each area and focusing the remaining three (3) courses in a single area. For the certificate, students will select 6 courses from the following prescribed elective courses:

Rhetoric & Writing Studies
RWS 5309Intro to Rhetoric & Writing St3
RWS 5311Persuasion and Argument3
RWS 5314Multimodal Composing3
RWS 5322Rhetorical Theory3
RWS 5328Special Topics in RWS3
RWS 5383Global Rhetorics3
English & American Literature
ENGL 5300Approach-Methods & Bibliog.3
ENGL 5302British Literature 1485-16603
ENGL 5301British Literature to 14853
ENGL 5303British Literature 1660-18323
ENGL 5304British Lit 1832-Present3
ENGL 5305Am. Lit: Exploration to 18003
ENGL 5306American Literature 1800-18653
ENGL 5307American Literature 1865-19453
ENGL 5308American Lit 1945-Present3
ENGL 5321Literature of the Americas3
ENGL 5322Literature and Culture3
ENGL 5323Multi-Cult Lit: Theory & Pract3
ENGL 5324Multi-Cult Lit: Special Topics3
ENGL 5325Genre: Theory and Practice3
English Education
ENGL 5339Intro to Secondary English3
ENGL 5341Eng Studies in the Borderlands3
ENGL 5342Digital Lit and the Lang Arts3
ENGL 5345Writing to Learn3
Total Hours18