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Graduate Certificate in Teaching Political Science

The Graduate Certificate is intended for prospective or current Government/Political Science teachers who plan to teach dual-credit, college level Political Science courses (i.e ., courses that count for both high school and college credit) . To obtain the certificate, students will take 18 semester credit hours of graduate Political Science content courses. Credit earned for the certificate can be counted towards the MA in Political Science.

Admission Requirements

  1. A bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. institution or proof of equivalent education at a foreign institution.
  2. The bachelor's degree must be in Political Science or the applicant must have 12 hours of advanced-level Political Science courses.
  3. GPA of 3.0 or above.
  4.  An analytical writing sample.
  5.  A statement of purpose.
  6.  Two professional reference letters

Conditional admittance will be given if the application materials show potential for success but are lacking in one area (such as the GPA). In this case, students will need to take one graduate class in Political Science and receive a B or A in the class before they can be fully admitted into the program.

Degree Plan

POLS 5300Sem In Quant Rsrch Methods I3
Select five courses from the following:
POLS 5301Sem in Qual Resrch Methods3
POLS 5302Sem Quant Research Methods II3
POLS 5310Seminar in Am. Pol. Behavior3
POLS 5313Seminar-Political Communicatio3
POLS 5320Seminar In Public Law3
POLS 5330Seminar-International Politics3
POLS 5331Semina-Intn'l Organ/Intn'l Law3
POLS 5332Sem-Foreign Policy Dec Making3
POLS 5334Seminar-Comparative Pol. Dev.3
POLS 53363
POLS 5338Sem. In Int. Pol. Econ.3
POLS 5339Sem. Comp. Pol. Institutions3
POLS 5342
POLS 5343Seminar in Border Politics3
POLS 53443
POLS 5346Sem in Pol Econ of Developmt3
POLS 5347Sem in International Security3
POLS 5348Sem in Politics of Latin Amer3
POLS 5349Seminar in Political Thought3
POLS 5350
POLS 5364Seminar-Public Policy Analysis3
POLS 5368Seminar in Conflict Analysis3
POLS 5380Selected Problems-Government3