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Ph.D. in Sociology

Students in this program will engage in empirical research to produce new understandings of social processes impacting the world in a unique and highly dynamic context. Research will be conducted via one of the three tracks that comprise the program: (1) Borders and Mobility; (2) Culture and Health; and (3) Environment and Society. This tripartite structure maximizes the synergistic talents of a highly productive faculty with a shared commitment to place-based research. Our interdisciplinary approach integrates, links and unifies a wide range of academic fields across campus and nationally. 

The curriculum will begin with graduate-level class work and finish with independent research. Our curricular sequence and educational objectives will provide rigorous social science training and “real world” applications concerned with culture, borders, and transnational migration, and their social, environmental and health manifestations. Most of our faculty already teach research-intensive courses that provide opportunities for fieldwork and internships for graduate students.

 Admissions Requirements

  • A letter of intent and research interests
  • Three letters of recommendation, and 
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Applicants from countries where English is not the first language are required to demonstrate English proficiency. Please consult the graduate school website for required scores.

Degree Plan

PHD in Sociology
Required Courses:
Research Methods
SOCI 6312Quantitative Sociology3
SOCI 6322Qualitative Sociology3
SOCI 6328Classical Theory3
SOCI 6329Contemporary Theory3
Professionalization Courses
SOCI 6310Rsrch Proposal & Grant Writing3
SOCI 6112Applying for Jobs1
Dissertation Hours9
Supervised Research (Can be repeated for credit)
Dissertation I
Dissertation II
Program Track
Select one track from below (both courses in designated track are required)6
Select thirty hours:30
Nine hours of elective courses must be related to the student's designated track
Energy, Infrstrctr, and Env
Global & Transntnl Scty&Cltr
Global Env Chng-Social Inqlts
Sociology of Disabilities
Sociology of Disasters
Health and Healthcare Policy
Mapping Social Data with GIS
Prof Development in Sociology
Issues in Border Studies
Migration and Mobility
Seminar in Research Methods
Seminar - Demography
Special Graduate Topics
US-Mexico Borderlands in Chang
Environmental Justice
Sociology of Health
Cartography & Visualization
Supervised Research (may be repeated for credit)
Cognate graduate courses from other departments at UTEP (with approval of director of graduate studies)
Any graduate level language course appropriate to students area of research.
Total Hours61

Borders and Mobility

SOCI 6362Border Research3
SOCI 6316Proseminar in Border Theory3

Environment and Society 

SOCI 6363Environmental Justice3
SOCI 6305Social & Envrnmtl Sstnblty3

Culture and Health

SOCI 6364Sociology of Health3
SOCI 6304Health Disparities3