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Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics

This certificate program will provide bioinformatics training for students from diverse backgrounds with interests in applications of mathematics and computer programming in biology. With an interdisciplinary approach, students will be introduced to the use of computational skills, mathematical modeling, and computing techniques to study biology relevant to basic and biomedical sciences in agricultural, environmental, or health-related areas. The training is appropriate for those who have taken introductory courses in biology, mathematics, and computer programming during their undergraduate studies. 

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program requires admission to the Graduate School. Prerequisites to admission include Molecular Cell Biology (BIOL 3314), Elementary Data Structures (CS 2401), and Elementary Statistical Methods (STAT 2480), or equivalents, with a minimum grade of "B" in each course. 

Degree Plan

This certificate program requires completion of 15 credit hours of courses: Bioinformatics I (BINF 5351), Bioinformatics II (BINF 5352), plus 6 credit hours of elective courses from a prescribed list, and a 3-credit hours free elective course approved by the graduate advisor. 

List of Prescribed Elective Courses
BINF 5110Biology Seminar/Bioinformatics1
BINF 5111Chem. Sem. for Bioinformatics1
BINF 5112CS Seminar for Bioinformatics1
BINF 5113Math Sem. for Bioinformatics1
BINF 5341Anal./Model of Bio Structures3
BINF 5354Post-Genomic Analysis3
BIOL 5316Biosystematics3
BIOL 5326Advances Immunological Concept3
BIOL 5329Physiology of Bacterial Cell3
BIOL 5340Structure/Funct Macromolecules3
BIOL 5344Molecular Pathogenesis3
CHEM 5329Contem Topics Organic Chemistr3
CHEM 5339Contemp Topics in Biochemistry3
CS 4342Database Systems3
CS 5341Advanced Computer Architecture3
CS 5350Advanced Algorithms3
CS 5351Interval Computations3
MATH 5330Comp Methods of Linear Algebra3
MATH 5335Techniques in Optimization3
STAT 5329Statistical Programming3
STAT 5336Categorical Data Analysis3
STAT 5386Stochastic Processes3
STAT 5388Multivariate Data Analysis3
STAT 5391Time Series Analysis3
STAT 5392Statistical Computing3
STAT 5428Intro to Statistical Analysis4