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Graduate Certificate in Physics

The graduate level certificate program is designed to give the student advanced training in basic Physics beyond the level of UG Physics course. The courses will strengthen skills that will allow them to improve their job prospects and also to enter graduate degree programs. 

Degree Requirements

This certificate program requires completion of 5 courses for a total of 15 credits. This includes 3 required courses, including PHYS 5321 Mechanics , PHYS 5361 Quantum Mechanics, PHYS 5341 Electrodynamics and 2 elective courses, to be selected from PHYS 5365 Advanced Statistical Mechanics , PHYS 5371 Solid State Physics , PHYS 5325 Mathematical Physics , and PHYS 5393 Special Topics in Physics .

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 15

Required Courses
PHYS 5321Mechanics3
PHYS 5361Quantum Mechanics3
PHYS 5341Electrodynamics3
Prescribed Electives (Choose two)6
Advanced Statistical Mechanics
Solid State Physics
Mathematical Physics
Special Topics in Physics
Total Hours15