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Master of Multidisciplinary Studies

The Master of Multidisciplinary Studies (MMDS) is a 30-hour program that includes two parts: (1) a graduate certificate program, offered by UTEP, and (2) complementary coursework in one or more different disciplines (which might be a second certificate). If the graduate certificate that is being used for the MMDS requires less than 12 SCH, students must supplement the certificate courses by taking additional courses in that discipline so they have at least 12 SCH in the discipline. At least 9 SCH of the complementary coursework must be from a different discipline than the certificate.  

UTEP currently offers 50 graduate certificates, so students in the MMDS program will be able to pair one graduate certificate with additional coursework to provide flexibility for professional development. Pairing will be based on interest and marketability potential as discussed with the MMDS program advisor. This type of degree offering enables students to prepare to work in different areas based on upward trends in specific job fields. All students who enter the MMDS must submit a plan of study that outlines a certificate and the complementary coursework that will be used to complete the MMDS degree. This plan of study must be reviewed and approved by the MMDS program advisor.  

For additional information about the MMDS, contact the program director, Dr. Lucía Durá, Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to this degree program requires admission to both the Graduate School and the graduate certificate program (this includes permission by the department).

  1. Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts. 
  2. Statement of Purpose (1,000 Words Maximum). Please include the following information:
    1. Past academic and work experience. 
    2. Career goals, interests, and aspirations and how this degree aligns with/will help you attain them.  
    3. One or more examples of how you have overcome challenges in the past that might help you as you pursue a master’s degree. 
  3. Completion of or proof or current acceptance/enrollment in a graduate certificate at UTEP.  
  4. Plan of study that lists at least one certificate and remaining courses that complement undergraduate degree, past work experience, and goals.

First Discipline:

  • Select a graduate certificate between 12-18 credit hours. 
  • If the graduate certificate is less than 12 credit hours, the student must complete additional coursework in this discipline for a total of 12 hours in the discipline

Complementary Coursework:

  • Subject matter in this coursework must be different from, but complementary to, that of the first discipline.
  • Identify complementary coursework in a secondary discipline needed to fulfill the degree requirement of 30 total credit hours.