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Post Master's Nursing Certificate

For information related to the Post-Masters Nursing Certificate, students should consult the Graduate School section, under Certificates .

Post-Master’s Nursing Certification is available for persons with a master’s degree in Nursing who wish to be eligible to take the certification examinations in an advanced practice area for which they were not prepared in their original program. The applicable Program/Concentration Director will review the applicant’s previous academic preparation and/or competency in required courses in order to award transfer credit. Any deficiencies will be met by enrollment in required courses. An individualized degree plan will be developed after review of the official transcripts . No degree is awarded; however, awarding of the certificate will be noted on the official transcripts from UTEP. Interested students should contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Education for more information.

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission to the graduate school as a certificate student and approval of the Associate Dean for Graduate Education in the College of Nursing.
  2. During the application process, students will be asked to enter a code identifying major or certificate they wish to complete.
  3. The code for each of the certificates is listed after the title below.
  4. The code for the Post-Master’s Certificate as a Nurse Practitioner is PMSN; in addition, Nurse Practitioner applicants will be asked to choose a concentration. (See the Nurse Practitioner major, above.)

Grade Requirement: Students must earn a B or better in each of the three courses (two courses in the Evidence-Based Practice Certificate) in order to earn the Graduate Certificate. Single courses can be taken for elective credit; however, the certificate is granted only on completion of the nine-hour sequence.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 49

Advanced Practice Core Courses (All courses require a grade of B or better)
Required Courses:
NURS 5121Adv Health Assessm. Practicum1
NURS 5220Advanced Health Assessment2
NURS 5254Advanced Practice Nursing Role2
NURS 5319Advanced Pathophysiology3
NURS 5362Pharmacotherapeutics3
Select one concentration31
Total Hours42


Concentration in Adult-Gerontology Acute Care 

Adult-Gero NP w/Acute Care Sp (All courses require a grade of B or better)
Required Courses:
NURS 5209Adv Acute Care Diagnostics2
NURS 5228Advanced Acute Care Skills2
NURS 5324Acute Care Adult/Geri Health3
NURS 5101Adult/Geri Hlth ClinPrac I1
NURS 5223Acute Care Adul/Geri Healt II2
NURS 5224Adult/Geri Hlth ClinPrac II2
NURS 5329Acute & Critical Illness I3
NURS 5225Acute & Critical Illn Pract I2
NURS 5226Acute & Critical Illness II2
NURS 5227Acute & Critical Illn Pract II2
NURS 5401AG Adv Clinical Practicum I4
NURS 5402AG Adv Clinical Practicum II4
Total Hours29

Concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioner (All courses require a grade of B or better)
Required Courses:
NURS 5229Advanced FNP Diagnostics2
NURS 5130Advanced FNP Skills1
NURS 5230FNP Adult Health2
NURS 5231FNP Adult Health Practicum2
NURS 5236FNP Geriatric Health2
NURS 5237FNP Geriatric Health Practicum2
NURS 5244FNP Women's Health2
NURS 5245FNP Women's Health Practicum2
NURS 5210Developing Human2
NURS 5240FNP Pediatric Health2
NURS 5441FNP Pedi Health Practicum4
NURS 5672Advanced Practice Clinical6
Total Hours29

Concentration in Pediatric Nurse Acute Care

Pediatric Nurse Acute Care (All courses require a grade of B or better)
Required courses:
NURS 5210Developing Human2
NURS 5246PNP Adv Diagnosis and Skills2
NURS 5412Childbearing/rearing Hlth4
NURS 5312Chldbear/rearing Hlth Practm3
NURS 5657Pediatric Acute Care6
NURS 5359Acute Pediatric Practicum3
NURS 5472Advanced Practice Clinical4
NURS 5472Advanced Practice Clinical4
Total Hours28

Concentration in Pediatric Nurse Primary Care

Pediatric Nurse Primary Care (All courses require a grade of B or better)
Required courses:
NURS 5210Developing Human2
NURS 5246PNP Adv Diagnosis and Skills2
NURS 5202Pediatrics IA2
NURS 5247Pediatrics Practicum IA2
NURS 5203Pediatrics IB2
NURS 5248Pediatrics Practicum IB2
NURS 5249Pediatrics IIA2
NURS 5251Pediatrics Practicum IIA2
NURS 5250Pediatrics IIB2
NURS 5252Pediatrics Practicum IIB2
NURS 5375Pediatrics Adv. Practicum A3
NURS 5376Pediatrics Adv. Practicum B3
Total Hours26