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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The College of Business Administration, with departments of Accounting and Information Systems, Economics and Finance, and Marketing and Management, offers a BBA degree with the following majors: Accounting; Information Systems; International Business; Economics; Finance with concentrations available in Financial Analyst, Risk Management, and Banking and Financial Institutions; General Business with concentrations in General Business; Management with concentrations available in Entrepreneurship, General Management and Human Resource Management; Marketing; and Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Policies Concerning Admission to and Completion of BBA Degree Programs

  1. Students entering the College of Business Administration will be designated as (CBUS) until they have sufficient competency in English and Mathematics (completed RWS 1301 or higher and MATH 1320 or higher).
  2. Students meeting the College admissions requirements will be designated as Lower Division (LD).
  3. Admission to another major option program is limited to those students who meet the following requirements:
    • Completion of the Non-Business Foundation Requirements and the Business Foundation Requirements as described in the Undergraduate Course of Study for the Bachelor of Business Administration.
    • Completion of the following courses (or their equivalent) with a minimum grade of C:
      ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting I3
      ACCT 2302Principles of Accounting II3
      ECON 2304Principles of Microeconomics3
      MATH 2301Math for Social Sciences II3
      QMB 2301Business Stats & Analytics I3
    • An overall GPA of 2.0 or greater in all hours attempted.
  4. Upon completion of requirements in item 2, the student will be admitted to one of the specialty major option programs offered by the College of Business Administration. Upon admission, the major code will be changed from Lower Division (LD) to the major option code for the program.
  5. Concurrent enrollment in lower-division courses in item 3-b and upper-division business courses is allowed only once upon written permission of the Office of the Dean.
  6. Freshman and sophomore level courses can be repeated once and the latter grade substituted for a previous grade in the student's grade point average (GPA) calculation. Grades and attempted hours for other repeated courses will be used in computing the GPA.
  7. Only those transfer credits with a grade of C or better will be accepted for credit toward the BBA degree. Courses taken at two-year institutions or as a requirement for a two-year degree are accepted by the College of Business Administration as transfer credits for lower-division courses only. Courses taken at four-year accredited institutions and designated as lower-division courses can be accepted as upper-division credits if the course is taught at the upper-division level at UTEP and has received additional validation from the Office of the Dean. Transfer credit for upper-division business administration courses is restricted to AACSB-accredited curricula. Transfer credit for courses from institutions outside the United States will be evaluated independently. The applicability of transfer credits to the degree plan is determined by the Office of the Dean.
  8. To complete the degree, a student must comply with the following:
    • Complete the required course of study as outlined below.
    • Follow University academic regulations as stated elsewhere in this catalog.
    • Earn a 2.0 GPA in all courses attempted within the College of Business Administration.
      Note: Accounting majors must also earn a 2.0 or better GPA average in ACCT 3321 and accounting courses listed in the Accounting Option Requirement.
  9. A graduating senior must file an application for the degree with the Office of the Dean before the semester of graduation. Students are responsible for setting an appointment to clear for graduation during announced times.
  10. Students working toward the BBA degree cannot enroll on a pass/fail basis in any course taught in the College of Business Administration.
  11. Six of the last 30 hours needed to complete the BBA degree can be taken at another university; however, the student must receive written approval from the Office of the Dean before enrolling at the other institution.
  12. MGMT 4300 Strategic Management, may be taken only during the semester term in which the degree is to be conferred. Approval of the undergraduate advisor is required for enrollment in this course.
  13. Non-BBA students wishing to take upper-division business courses must be advised in the College of Business Administration, Room 104. Students wishing to take upper-division courses must have junior standing (60 credit hours) and a 2.0 cumulative GPA and must have completed the stated prerequisites for the course.
  14. Students must complete 50 percent or more of their College of Business Administration credit hours at UTEP.
  15. Students can pursue more than one major option by completing all requirements, including Major Option Requirements, for all major options selected.


John Gibson
Contact Information:; 915-747-5435
Education: Ph D, Florida State University


Hendrik Devos
Contact Information:; 915-747-7770
Education: MS, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Ph D, Binghamton University (SUNY)

Thomas Fullerton
Contact Information:; 915-747-7747
Education: BBA, University of Texas at El Paso; MS, Iowa State University; MA, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Ph D, University of Florida

Timothy Roth
Contact Information:; 915-747-7779
Education: BS, Albright College; MA, State University of New York at Binghamton; Ph D, Texas A&M University

Zuobao Wei
Contact Information:; 915-747-5381
Education: BS, Guangxi University; Master of Engineering Management, Brigham Young University; MA, University of New Orleans; Ph D, University of New Orleans

Feixue Xie
Contact Information:; 915-747-7788
Education: BA, Nanjing University; MA, University of Pittsburgh; Ph D, University of Pittsburgh

Associate Professor

Nathan Ashby
Contact Information:; 915-747-7791
Education: BA, Utah State University; MA, West Virginia University; Ph D, West Virginia University

Nicolas Cachanosky
Contact Information:; 915-747-8611
Education: MS, Suffolk University; Ph D, Suffolk University

John Gibson
Contact Information:; 915-747-5435
Education: Ph D, Florida State University

Xiaojin Sun
Contact Information:; 915-747-7783
Education: Ph D, Virginia Tech

James Upson
Contact Information:; 915-747-7758
Education: BS, Purdue University; MBA, University of Southern Indiana; Ph D, University of Memphis

Assistant Professor

Spencer Barnes
Contact Information:; 915-747-8371
Education: BS, Belmont University; MS, Florida State University; Ph D, Florida State University

Jose Bucheli
Contact Information:;
Education: BA, University of New Mexico; MA, University of New Mexico; Ph D, University of New Mexico

Chia-Chun Chiang
Contact Information:; 915-747-7167
Education: MBA, National Taiwan University; Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Society of Actuaries; Ph D, University of South Carolina

Zifeng Feng
Contact Information:; 915-747-5376
Education: AA, Guangdong Teachers College of Language and Arts; BA, Peking University; MBA, Jinan University; MS, Florida International University; Ph D, Florida International University

Diego Leal Gonzalez
Contact Information:;
Education: BS, Universidad of Simon Bolivar; MS, University of Rochester; Ph D, University of Oklahoma

Feng Liu
Contact Information:; 915-747-6051
Education: BS, Qingdao University; MS, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Ph D, University of Mississippi

Louis Rouanet
Contact Information:;
Education: MA, Sciences Po Paris; MA, George Mason University; Ph D, George Mason University

Rhet Smith
Contact Information:;
Education: MA, Cleveland State University; Ph D, University of Georgia

Linh Thompson
Contact Information:; 915-747-7739
Education: Ph D, University of South Florida

Emma Xu
Contact Information:; 915-747-7786
Education: MA, Vanderbilt University; Ph D, University of Iowa

Hyo Jin Yoon
Contact Information:; 915-747-6231
Education: BS, Indiana University; BBA, Sungkyunkwan University; MS, Sungkyunkwan University; Ph D, University of South Carolina

Assistant Professor of Practice

Robert Wilson
Contact Information:;
Education: MA, UCLA

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Seyedmasood Dastan
Contact Information:;
Education: Ph D, Georgia State University

Boris Higgins
Contact Information:; 915-747-7718
Education: BBA, University of Texas at El Paso; MS, The University of Texas at El Paso; Doctor of Economic Development (DED), New Mexico State University

Robert Sandoval
Contact Information:; 915-747-7719
Education: JD, The University of Texas at Austin

Senior Lecturer

William Corbett
Contact Information:; 915-747-5227
Education: BA, Pennsylvania State University; MPA, Pennsylvania State University; JD, University of Illinois; Associate Degree in Business Office Technology, New Mexico State University; AAS, New Mexico State University

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