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Academic Catalog

Minor in Computer Science

The Computer Science minor requires 20 credit hours of Computer Science courses. Because of the prerequisite sequence, it normally requires at least 4 semesters (possibly including summer) to complete the minor.

Degree Plan

Computer Science Minor
Required Courses:
CS 1101Intro to Computer Science Lab1
CS 1301Intro to Computer Science3
CS 2302Data Structures3
CS 2401Elem. Data Struct./Algorithms4
Select three from the following list. Note: No more than three credit hours of CS 4390, CS 4371, CS 4X73, and/or CS 4392 (in any combination) can count towards the minor: 9
CS 3195Junior Professionl Orientation1
CS 3331Adv. Object-Oriented Programng3
CS 3350Automata/Computabi/Formal Lang3
CS 3360Programming Language Concepts3
CS 3432Computer Organization4
CS 4173Computer Science Internship1
CS 4273Computer Science Internship2
CS 4310Software Eng: Requirements Eng3
CS 4311Software Eng: Design & Implmnt3
CS 4316Computer Networks3
CS 4317Human-Computer Interaction3
CS 4320Artificial Intelligence3
CS 4330Mobile Application Development3
CS 4339Secure Web-Based Systems3
CS 4342Database Systems3
CS 4351Computer Security3
CS 4364Topics in Data Science3
CS 4365Topics in Soft Computing3
CS 4371Computer Science Problems3
CS 4373Computer Science Internship3
CS 4374Software Construction3
CS 4375Operating Systems Concepts3
CS 4376Comp Dcsn-Mkng & Risk Analysis3
CS 4379Software Reverse Engineering3
CS 4387Software Integration and V&V3
CS 4387Software Integration and V&V3
CS 4390Special Topics in Computer Sci3