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Undergraduate Certificate in Public Health

Marketable Skills

  1. Communication: Reach mutual understanding through effective exchange of information, ideas, and feelings
  2. Leadership: Step up, think, and act critically and creatively to bring others together to accomplish a common task
  3. Problem-solving: Find solutions to difficult or complex issues
  4. Research: Be able to search, investigate and critically analyze information in response to a specific research question
  5. Social responsibility: Act ethically and responsibly for the benefit of society and the public good
  6. Stress management: Be able to identify causes of stress, identify effective coping mechanisms, and take action to change the situation
  7. Teamwork: Participate as an effective, efficient member of a group in order to meet a common goal

Additionally, students will learn:

  1. Health behavior, use of effective mechanisms to help individuals make informed decisions about lifestyle modifications
  2. Health education techniques

The undergraduate certificate in public health is designed to provide leveling knowledge in public health to working professionals who have extended experience in the field but who might lack a formal education such as BS Public Health or who might hold a degree in a different field. Additional undergraduate pre-requisite courses are required in order to enroll in HSCI 3308 and complete the requirements of the certificate.

The certificate is also intended for non-public health majors interested in obtaining knowledge about public health concepts to enhance their ability to succeed in their chosen field.

Degree Plan

Undergraduate Certificate in Public Health
HSCI 1301Fnd. of Hlth Sci. & Hlth Promo3
HSCI 3301Community Health3
HSCI 3306Environmental Health3
HSCI 3308Disease Charc/Prevnt/Contrl3
HSCI 4304Public Health Administration3
Total Hours15