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Minor in Chemistry

There are a wide range of career options for chemists and biochemists in a diverse array of occupational fields.  Opportunities can be divided into five main sectors: Industry, Academia, Government, Non-Profit, and Entrepreneurship.  In addition, the programs of study for both chemistry and biochemistry degrees provide strong academic, critical thinking, and foundational skills for students interested in pursuing advanced professional degrees in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy, as well as rigorous preparation for graduate school. 

Marketable Skills

Students develop the following marketable skills:

  • Communication: Reach mutual understanding through the effective exchange of information, ideas, and feelings
  • Critical thinking: Analyze and evaluate issues in order to solve problems and develop informed opinions
  • Organization: Use resources effectively and efficiently in order to stay focused on different tasks
  • Problem-solving: Find solutions to difficult or complex issues
  • Research: Be able to search, investigate and critically analyze information in response to a specific research question
  • Time management: Prioritize goals and organize time to be more productive and efficient.

Additionally, students will be:

  • Using laboratory equipment
  • Maintaining precision and accuracy
  • Organizing and reporting data, results and conclusions
  • Explaining complex ideas for technical and nontechnical audiences

Degree Plan

Required Courses:
CHEM 1305
CHEM 1105
General Chemistry
and Laboratory for CHEM 1305 C
CHEM 1306
CHEM 1106
General Chemistry
and Laboratory for CHEM 1306 C
CHEM 2324
CHEM 2124
Organic Chemistry
and Lab for Organic Chemistry 2324
CHEM 2325
CHEM 2125
Organic Chemistry
and Lab for Organic Chemistry 2325
Select One of the Following:3
Biochem I:Struc & Function
Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry I
Introduction to Research
Total Hours19

Course requires a grade of C or better