University of Texas at El Paso Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

BS in Geological Science to MS in Geological Science

M.S. in Geological Sciences / B.S. in Geological Sciences

GEOL 5101Graduate Seminar1
GEOL 51021
GEOL 5115Selected Topics in Geol Scien1
GEOL 5162Directed Study in Geology1
GEOL 5215Selected Topics in Geol Scienc2
GEOL 5262Directed Study in Geology2
GEOL 5289Graduate Research in Geol Sci2
GEOL 5303Computer Appl in Earth Sci3
GEOL 53073
GEOL 5308Planetary Geology3
GEOL 5309Mineral Resrcs, Econ & Environ3
GEOL 5310Intro Entrepreneurial Geosci3
GEOL 53113
GEOL 5315Selected Topics-Geological Sci3
GEOL 5317Hydrogeology3
GEOL 5318Petroleum Geology3
GEOL 5320Environmental Tracers in Water3
GEOL 5321Introduction to GIST3
GEOL 5322Advanced GIST3
GEOL 5323Spat Analysis Earth/Env Sci3
GEOL 5324Machine Learning in Geoscience3
GEOL 5343Isotope Geology3
GEOL 5344Advanced Petrology3
GEOL 53453
GEOL 53483
GEOL 5362Directed Study in Geology3
GEOL 5363Sandstone Petrography3
GEOL 5364Sedimentary Depositional Envir3
GEOL 5365Basin Analysis3
GEOL 5375Quantit Techniq Geological Sci3
GEOL 5376Low Temperature Geochemistry3
GEOL 5378Global Biochemical Cycles3
GEOL 53793
GEOL 5381Paleoclimatology3
GEOL 53843
GEOL 53873
GEOL 5389Graduate Research in Geol Sci3
GEOL 53923
GEOL 5397Geol/Mineral Resources Mexico3
GEOL 5401Fundamentals of Earth Science4
GEOL 5402Fundmtls/Fld Meth in Earth Sci4
GEOP 5163Directed Study in Geophysics1
GEOP 5263Directed Study in Geophysics2
GEOP 5306Atmospheric Processes3
GEOP 5335Intro to Remote Sensing3
GEOP 5336Digital Image Processing3
GEOP 5352Geophysical Inverse Theory3
GEOP 5353Reflection Seismic Data Proces3
GEOP 5354Seismology3
GEOP 5356Topics in Geophysics3
GEOP 5357Well Logging3
GEOP 5361Plate Tectonics3
GEOP 53623
GEOP 5363Directed Study in Geophysics3
GEOP 53643
GEOP 5460Geop App-Digital Signal Proces4