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SCI 1100.  Science Seminar.  

Science Seminar (1-0) This course will prepare entering students to succeed in college and introduce students to careers in engineering and science.

Department: Science - Interdisciplinary

1 Credit Hour
1 Total Contact Hour
0 Lab Hours
1 Lecture Hour
0 Other Hours

SCI 1301.  Inquiry in Math & Science.  

Students will learn that inquiry is the process by which science and mathematics are done and reflect how this process can enhance their learning. The empirical results of cognitive science will be used to illustrate the importance of understanding preconceptions, cognitive frameworks, and metacognition. Students will be able to apply this inquiry-based framework to research, scholarship, and learning.

Department: Science - Interdisciplinary

3 Credit Hours
3 Total Contact Hours
0 Lab Hours
3 Lecture Hours
0 Other Hours