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Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

This certificate program will provide students with a foundation in applied statistics and experience utilizing statistical methodologies in real world settings. The coursework emphasizes modern statistical applications, but also provides a background in classical statistical methodology. Students will gain exposure to concepts of basic applied statistics, experimental design, statistical programming in the R and SAS packages, and data mining procedures. This program is appropriate for those trained in fields such as business, engineering, as well as in the natural and behavioral sciences. The program emphasizes applications of statistics to various fields and requires an introductory-level statistics background. Though the program does not require rigorous training in advanced mathematics, completion of calculus I is required.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program requires admission to the graduate school. Prerequisites to admission include STAT 2480 or equivalent with a minimum grade of “B” and MATH 1411 or MATH 2301 or equivalent with a minimum grade of “B”.

Degree Requirements

This certificate program requires completion of 5 courses for a total of 16 credits. This includes 3 required courses, including STAT 5428 (Introduction to Statistical Analysis), STAT 5329 (Statistical Programming), STAT 5335 (Applied Experimental Design) and 2 elective courses, to be selected from STAT 5474 (Introduction to Data Mining), STAT 5336 (Categorical Data Analysis), and STAT 5370 (Special Topics).

Three (3) Required Courses10
Intro to Statistical Analysis
Statistical Programming
Applied Experimental Design
Two (2) Elective Courses6
Statistical Machine Learning I
Categorical Data Analysis
Special Topics
Total Hours16