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Graduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics offers courses in data mining and analytics that provide the theory and application needed to effectively min·  and describe large data sets. This certificate program is applicable to students from a broad variety of disciplines and does not require a degree in mathematics or statistics. Students who complete this certificate will build the skills necessary to apply data mining and analytics methods to real-life data and be able to communicate these results to non-statistical audiences.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program requires admission to the graduate school. Prerequisites to admission include completion of an introductory level statistics course (equivalent to STAT 2480) with a minimum grade of "B" and calculus I (equivalent to MATH 1411 or MATH 2301) with a minimum grade of "B".

Degree Requirements

This certificate program requires completion of 4 courses for a total of 14-15 credits. This includes 2 required courses STAT 5474 Introduction to Data Mining and STAT 5428 Intro to Statistical Analysis) and 2 elective courses, to be selected from STAT 5494 Statistical Data Mining,STAT 5329 Statistical Programming, STAT 5385 Statistics in Research, STAT 5388 Multivariate Data Analysis or STAT 5354 Post-Genomic Analysis.

Degree Plan 

Required Courses
STAT 5474Statistical Machine Learning I4
STAT 5428Intro to Statistical Analysis4
STAT 5195Graduate Seminar1
Prescribed Elective Courses
Select six hours of the following with graduate certificate advisor approval6
Statistical Programming
Post-Genomic Analysis
Applied Regression Models
Multivariate Data Analysis
Statistical Machine Learn. II
Numerical Analysis
Topics/Intelligent Computing
Applied Econometrics
Econometric Forecasting
Panel Data & Discrt Chce Modls
Total Hours15