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Minor in Business Analytics

This minor in Business Analytics has been carefully designed after considering inputs from key stakeholder groups to fill a need for undergraduate students to develop skills in collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data. and modelling and optimizing data-driven decisions in practical business contexts. Students in this minor will gain fundamental competencies in programming, statistics. and machine learning and will be able lo apply these skills to solve real-world problems. As business analytics has become increasingly important in all fields, this minor is a valuable complement to any business major.

The minor contains 12 SCH, and is open to students majoring in Business Administration. Courses can not be taken as business electives. 

Degree Plan

Minor in Business Analytics for Business Majors

Select four courses from the list below:12
Busi Analytics Applications
Analytic Programming Tools
Busi Data Analysis & Visuali
Database Management
Intro to Marketing Analytics
Business Analytics
Total Hours12