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Academic Catalog

Minor in African American Studies

The African American Studies minor complements any Bachelor’s degree. Graduates with a minor in African American Studies are prepared to attend graduate or professional school or choose career paths in the following fields: education; science and technology; performing and visual arts; news media; social, community and humanitarian services; journalism; urban planning; health-care delivery and administration; business; politics and government; and many other career pathways.

Marketable Skills

  1. Critical thinking: Analyze and evaluate issues in order to solve problems and develop informed opinions
  2. Global awareness: Understand and appreciate people, cultures, and ideas from around the world that impact our community
  3. Leadership: Step up, think, and act critically and creatively to bring others together to accomplish a common task
  4. Research: Be able to search, investigate and critically analyze information in response to a specific research question
  5. Social responsibility: Act ethically and responsibly for the benefit of society and the public good
  6. Writing: Be able to write in a clear and comprehensible manner to the reader

The African American Studies minor provides the following marketable skills: Critical thinking and ethical reasoning and oral and written communication skills. 

Degree Plan

Required Courses:
AFST 2300Intro-African Amer Studies3
AFST 3303Theories in African Amer. Stud3
AFST 3390Topics in African/Amer Studies3
Select three courses, with at least two being upper-division9
The courses below are recommended but not required; students may choose from full course listing to satisfy electives
African Ame Lead of the 20 Cen
The Modern Civil Rights Mov
Afr Ame Wom&the Black Free Mov
Total Hours18


AFST 4390Spc Top-African American Stud3
BIOL 1303Introductory Biology (C)3
BIOL 1304Human Biology3
COMM 1301Public Speaking3
COMM 3355Organizational Communication3
COMM 4352Contemporary Rhetoric3
CRIJ 1301Intro to Criminal Justice I3
CRIJ 3308Juvenile Justice3
CRIJ 3313Criminology3
CS 1310Intro-Computational Thinking3
ECON 33673
ENGL 3360Women in Literature3
ENGL 4340Advanced Literary Studies3
HIST 3309Mexican-American History3
HIST 3313American Military History3
HIST 3323American Indian History3
HIST 3325Hist Immigration/Ethnicity US3
HIST 3337Modern Africa3
HIST 3339Pyramids & Prophets3
HIST 3346Central America and Caribbean3
HSCI 2303Wellness Dynamics3
HSCI 3304Health Perspectives in Aging3
HSCI 3305Substance Use & Society3
HSCI 3307Death, Dying and Bereavement3
HSCI 4303Family Life & Human Sexuality3
KIN 1303Foundations of Kinesiology3
LING 2320Introduction to Linguistics3
LING 3357Sociolinguistics &Bilingualism3
NURS 3319Cult Perspectives on Hlth Care3
PHIL 2306Ethics3
PHIL 3325Social Philosophy3
POLS 3314Ethnicity & Race In Amer Pol3
POLS 3321Civil Rights & Liberties3
PSYC 2302Social Psychology3
PSYC 2305Psychology of Human Sexuality3
RS 3310Major World Religions3
SOCI 3306Cultural Diversity3
SOCI 3327Social Inequality3
SOWK 2310Intro-Social Work/Soci Welfare3
SOWK 3345SOWK/Aging: Cross Cultl Persp3
THEA 3335Latinx/Latine Theatre3
WS 2300Introduction to Womens Studies3