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North American Studies Program

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The North American Studies Program is dedicated to promote the understanding of the societies, politics, and economies of Canada, Mexico, and the US as well as the interactions of the three. The program brings together UTEP faculty from diverse disciplines to teach and research the questions facing the peoples of North America.

Our interdisciplinary approach helps you make sense of the new complex realities unfolding in the continent, where analysis is not countries in isolation but North America as a whole. We offer you the opportunity to minor in North American Studies or receive a specialized certificate. The programs of study helps you add greater depth to your existing studies and are excellent matches for anthropology, criminal justice, economics, history, sociology, art history, languages & linguistics, and political science majors. Our connections with leading universities in Canada and Mexico give you the opportunities to earn UTEP course credit toward your degree while studying abroad and paying only UTEP fees.




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North American Studies Program

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