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Minor in North American Studies

Minoring in North American Studies augments students' majors by deeply focusing on the politics, economics, and societies of Canada, Mexico, and the US. This is especially true for students that seek career paths involving business, law enforcement (local, state, and federal), national security, international relations, and communication.  

Marketable Skills

  1. Critical thinking: Analyze and evaluate issues in order to solve problems and develop informed opinions
  2. Entrepreneurship: Develop, organize, and manage ideas and opportunities turning them into new products, services, firms, or industries
  3. Global awareness: Understand and appreciate people, cultures, and ideas from around the world that impact our community
  4. Problem-solving: Find solutions to difficult or complex issues
  5. Research: Be able to search, investigate and critically analyze information in response to a specific research question
  6. Social responsibility: Act ethically and responsibly for the benefit of society and the public good

Additionally, students will gain knowledge of the issues and implications of security, migration, and development involving Canada, Mexico, and the US, including:

  1. Analysis of current trends of cooperation between Canada, Mexico, and the US.
  2. Analysis of the migration policy implications of Canada, Mexico, and the US for one another. 
  3. Policy formulation involving the security and development among and within the countries of Canada, Mexico, and the US.

The North American Studies Program educates students in the politics, economics, and societies of Canada, Mexico, and the United States with the primary goals of understanding and explaining interactions in the areas of security, migration, and development.  Students will also develop an understanding of the prospects for further continental integration.

Degree Plan

The minor requires that students pass POLS 4363 North American Relations, and pass any five of the following courses:

ANTH 3320Indig Cultures of North Amer3
or SOCI 3320 Indig Cultures of North Amer
ANTH 3321Indians of the Southwest3
or SOCI 3321 Indians of the Southwest
ANTH 3326Migration3
or SOCI 3326 Migration
ANTH 4308U.S.-Mex. Border Society/Cult3
or SOCI 4308 U.S.-Mex Border Society/Cult
ARTH 3353Pre-Columb Art & Arch3
ARTH 3355Spanish Col Art Americas3
ARTH 3357Art Mexico:Ancient to Modern3
ARTH 3395Topics in Contemporary Art (*)3
ARTH 3399Special Topics in Art History (*)3
CHIC 3311Chicano Studies: Societal Issu3
CHIC 4306Comm Formation on US/MX Border3
CHIC 4309American Immigration & Soc Jus3
CRIJ 3351Crim Just on US-Mexico Border3
CRIJ 4311Immigration Law and Admin3
ECON 3325Public Choice3
ECON 4325International Economics3
ENGL 3310Chicana/o Literature3
ENGL 3311American Literature to 18653
ENGL 3312Am. Literature 1865 to Present3
ENGL 3327Jewish American Literature3
ENGL 3371Southwestern Literature3
ENGL 3374Folklore Of Mexican American3
ENGL 4319Am. Fiction 1945 to Present3
ENGL 4322The American Drama3
ENGL 4351Maj Am Writer(s) since 19003
HIST 3303The U.S.-Mexican War3
HIST 3309Mexican-American History3
HIST 3325Hist Immigration/Ethnicity US3
HIST 3342The Spanish Borderlands3
INSS 3302Sem in Intel and Nat'l Sec3
INSS 3340Seminar in Homeland Security3
INSS 3343Crime and Border Security3
LABS 3300The Americas3
POLS 3361International Security3
POLS 4313Southwestern Border Politics3
POLS 4315Latinos In Amer Political Syst3
POLS 4337The Politics of Mexico3
POLS 4339US-Latin American Relations3
POLS 4364Internat'l Political Economy3

A total of 18 semester hours are required.  A minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor required.