University of Texas at El Paso Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

Minor in Multicultural Society

The Multicultural Society Minor is designed to provide students with a critical understanding of historical and contemporary issues, addressing the intersections of race and ethnicity with class, gender, and other forms of difference and hierarchy across various social groups. The MSN contributes to the decompartmentalization of knowledge about specific social groups, recognizing the interconnectedness of historical experiences in regional, transnational, transborder, and global contexts, as well as the social, political and economic implications of multicultural processes. 

Degree Plan

Required Courses
Select two courses from below:6
Intro-African Amer Studies
Asian American Studies
Chicana/o Fine Arts Appreciat
Latina/o Presence in the U.S.
Intro to Indigenous Studies
Introduct to Religious Studies
Introduction to Womens Studies
Global Feminisms
Field I
Select 6 hours of upper division elective courses from one of the following fields:6
African American Studies
Asian Studies
Chicano Studies
Jewish Studies
Latin American and Border Studies
Native American and Indigenous Studies
North American Studies
Religious Studies
Women's and Gender Studies
Courses focusing on the study of multicultural identities and social processes or contributing to multicultural perspectives in any academic discipline, ART, ARTE, ARTH, ENG, ANTH, SOC, HIST, PHIL, POLS, PSYC, among others
Field II
6 hours of advanced course work from any combination of disciplines listed above, different from Field I6
Total Hours18