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Minor in Leadership Studies

The minor in Leadership Studies will offer a flexible but in-depth study of leadership and its effects on society. The minor is designed to provide an understanding of leadership theory and will improve student leadership styles to develop competencies in the domain of leadership through lenses of social justice, ethical leadership, and community engagement (SEC). Further, the minor will serve as a foundation for building a community of scholars whose work examines the intersection of SEC in the practice of interdisciplinary leadership. The primary educational objectives of the proposed minor are to introduce, nurture and develop leaders who possess deep and broad knowledge of the discipline while considering concepts of social justice, ethical leadership, and community engagement as it applies to their primary area of study.

Degree Plan

Required Courses:
LEAD 1300Introduction to Leadership3
LEAD 2300Leadership in Action3
LEAD 4350Leadership and Social Change3
LEAD 4351Community Engaged Leadership3
Prescribed Elective Courses:
Choose TWO of the following menu:6
La Chicana
Chicano Studies: Societal Issu
Cultural Diversity & Youth: US
Envir. Just. & Min. Comm U.S.
Folklore Of Mexican American
Public History Internship
Special Topics in Leadership
Cumbia: Mus, Diff, & Id. in Am
Women, Power and Politics
Latinos In Amer Political Syst
La Chicana
Gender & Popular Culture
Gender Roles & Society
Social Justice Values at Work
Total Hours18