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Minor in Military Science

Military Science courses are designed to afford the student an opportunity to become a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. These courses provide leadership training and military-skills training required of an Army officer. Army ROTC is open to all students in all academic majors leading to a bachelor's degree. Graduate students can also participate in ROTC; however, it’s highly recommended that graduate student prospects speak with the Military Science Department prior to starting graduate school to ensure academic alignment with ROTC. Specific courses and requirements are listed under the departmental section for Military Science.

The Military Studies minor is intended for students with an interest in the military as a social institution and in its policies and problems, not solely as reflected in formal military, air, or naval-science instruction, but particularly as illuminated by the social sciences and humanities.

Students are required to complete a core course and to elect fifteen (15) hours from among the optional courses. Not more than twelve (12) hours of the optional courses can be selected from a single department; nor can a student elect courses from both Military Science and Aerospace Studies.

Degree Plan

Required Courses:
MS 3313U.S. Military History3
Select six hours from the following:6
Heritage Values US Air Force I
Herit. Values US Air Force II
Team and Leadership Fund. I
Team and Leadership Fund. II
Introduction to the Army
Foundations of Leadership
Leadership and Ethics
Introduction to the Army
Please choose nine hours from the courses below or any upper-division courses from Computer Science, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, or Sociology9
Leading People & Eff. Comm. II
Leading People & Eff. Comm. II
Nat. Sec. Aff/Active Duty I
Nat. Sec. Aff/Active Duty II
Training Management
Applied Leadership
The Army Officer
Company Grade Leadership
Total Hours18