University of Texas at El Paso Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner with Primary Care Focus

Year 1 

Semester 1
Term A
NURS 5310Nursing Theory3
Term B
NURS 5319Advanced Pathophysiology3
Total Hours6
Semester 2
Term A
NURS 5362Pharmacotherapeutics3
Term B
NURS 5370Rsrch Appraisal & Application3
Total Hours6
Semester 3
Term A
NURS 5338Health Policy and Advocacy3
Term B
NURS 5220Advanced Health Assessment2
NURS 5121Adv Health Assessm. Practicum (45 Clinical Hours)1
Total Hours6

Year 2

Semester 4
Term A
NURS 5229Advanced FNP Diagnostics2
NURS 5130Advanced FNP Skills1
Term B
NURS 5230FNP Adult Health2
NURS 5231FNP Adult Health Practicum (90 clinical hours)2
Total Hours7
Semester 5
Term A
NURS 5236FNP Geriatric Health2
NURS 5237FNP Geriatric Health Practicum (90 clinical hours)2
Term B
NURS 5244FNP Women's Health2
NURS 5245FNP Women's Health Practicum (90 clinical hours)2
Total Hours8
Semester 6
Term A
NURS 5210Developing Human2
NURS 5254Advanced Practice Nursing Role2
Term B
NURS 5240FNP Pediatric Health2
NURS 5441FNP Pedi Health Practicum (180 clinical hours )4
Total Hours10

Year 3

Semester 7
Term C
NURS 5672Advanced Practice Clinical (280 clinical hours)6
Total Hours6
Total FNP Program Credit Hours49
Total FNP Program Clinical Hours 775