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MSN in Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

The Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) concentration is designed to prepare nurses at an advanced practice entry level to deliver high-quality care in acute care neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Population focus is preterm neonates (<37 weeks), term neonates, infants, and children up to the age of 2 years and their families. Program study includes evidence-based content in embryology, pathophysiology, assessment, management, and pharmacology focusing on the care of high-risk neonates and infants.

Educational Outcomes

  • Apply theoretical perspectives, scientific evidence, and visionary thinking to critically analyze and lead complex organizational systems and implement innovative change.
  • Use interpersonal, inter-professional and organizational communication and relationship building skills to create and lead highly functioning, reliable, and healthy inter professional
  • teams.
  • Combine business skills and principles, evidence-based practice, informatics, quality and safety strategies and metrics to lead care systems for improvement of processes and
  • outcomes to improve health outcomes.
  • Employ state, federal, and global health policy(ies) to advocate for healthcare reform and improve health outcomes for all.
  • Model professionalism, integrity, ethical decision making, respect for differing points of view in diverse populations and promoting social justice in the development of the advanced practice role.
  • Utilize research for the improvement of nursing practice and the advancement of nursing as an academic discipline.
  • Ascertain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to continuously improve the quality and safety of the health care systems in which they practice through lifelong learning.

Year One 

Semester 1
Term A
NURS 5310Nursing Theory3
Term B
NURS 5319Advanced Pathophysiology3
Total Hours6
Semester 2
Term A
NURS 5362Pharmacotherapeutics3
Term B
NURS 5370Rsrch Appraisal & Application3
Total Hours6
Semester 3
Term A
NURS 5338Health Policy and Advocacy3
Term B
NURS 5220Advanced Health Assessment2
NURS 5121Adv Health Assessm. Practicum1
Total Hours6

Year Two  

Semester 4
Term A
NURS 5253Advanced Neonatal Assessment2
NURS 5254Advanced Practice Nursing Role2
Term B
NURS 5255Neonatal Adv Diag & Skills2
Total Hours6
Semester 5
Term A
NURS 5256Neonatal IA2
NURS 5257Neonatal IA Practicum2
Term B
NURS 5258Neonatal IB2
NURS 5259Neonatal IB Practicum2
Total Hours8
Semester 6
Term A
NURS 5261Neonatal IIA2
NURS 5262Neonatal IIA Practicum2
Term B
NURS 5263Neonatal IIB2
NURS 5377Neonatal IIB Practicum3
Total Hours9

Year Three

Semester 7
Term A
NURS 5378Neonatal Advance Practic A3
Term B
NURS 5410Neonatal Advance Practic B4
Total Hours7
Total NNP Credit Hours77
Total NNP Clinical Hours765