University of Texas at El Paso Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

Minor in Criminal Justice

Degree Plan

Required Courses: (This courses required a grade of “C” or better)
CRIJ 1301Intro to Criminal Justice I3
CRIJ 3300Applied Research Methods in CJ3
CRIJ 3313Criminology3
CRIJ 4312Criminal Procedure3
Upper-Division CRIJ:
Select six hours of the following:6
Juvenile Justice
Comm Corrections & Corr Cnslng
Crime Control & Prevention
Family Violence
Crim Just on US-Mexico Border
Criminal Justice Ethics
Selected Topics - Crim Justice
Readings in Criminal Justice
Cyber Crime
Crime, Criminal Justice & Film
Immigration Law and Admin
White Collar Crime
Women in Criminal Justice
Comp CJS & Transntl Crime
Violence in America
Street Gangs:Strctr,Act & Resp
Crim Just Org and Management
Organized Crime
Study Abroad in Crim Justice
Adv Concepts in Crim. Justice
Total Hours18