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Undergraduate Certificate in Intelligence and National Security Studies

The Undergraduate Certificate in Intelligence and National Security is designed familiarize students with the history of intelligence and national security, the intelligence cycle, global security risks, the political climate, international relations issues and how government and private organizations work jointly on matters of security. This program is valuable for students with an interest in pursuing a career in the Intelligence Community or the global market place. The undergraduate Certificate in Intelligence and National Security will consist of 18 semester hours of study. 

Admissions Standards

The Undergraduate Certificate in Intelligence and National Security Studies will only be available to Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS) students and not to other Majors.  This certificate requires BMS students to complete 18 credit hours of INSS upper division electives.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 18

Intelligence and National Security Certificate
Required Courses:
INSS 3302Sem in Intel and Nat'l Sec3
INSS 4301Intel Collection & Analysis3
Other Electives:
Select two courses of the following:6
Intercultural Communication
American Foreign Rel Snc 1914
American Military History
History of Modern East Asia
Modern Africa
History of Modern China
20th Century Europe, 1900-Pres
The Americas
The Border
U.S. Military History
International Relations
International Security
Foreign Policy of the U.S.
Internat'l Political Economy
Major World Religions
Focused Area:
Select six upper division hours of a focus area in consultation with appropriate faculty members:6
Security Studies
Writing for Security Prof.
Statistics for Security Stud.
Historical Dev of Nat'l Sec
Intel & Counterterrorism
Intel & Counterproliferation
Counterintelligence & Security
Seminar in Homeland Security
Crime and Border Security
Cyberspace & National Security
Security Operations
Intel & Transnational Threats
Ethics and Security
Technical Intelligence
Critical Infrastructure Prtctn
Selected Problems in Intel
Professional Practices
Security Studies Internship
Senior Capstone
Total Hours18