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Minor in Chicano Studies, Fine Arts

For students with multiple interests, a minor in Chicano Studies can be pursued with another major. Eighteen (18) hours are required to complete a minor, at least 12 of which must be upper-division courses. Students have four minors from which to choose: Social Science Minor, Humanities Minor, Fine Arts Minor, and Interdisciplinary Minor.

Degree Plan

Required Courses:
CHIC 3311Chicano Studies: Societal Issu3
or CHIC 2311 Intro to Chicano Studies
Select one of the following:3
Pre-Columb Art & Arch
Spanish Col Art Americas
Art Mexico:Ancient to Modern
Select six hours of the following: 16
Chicano/Latino Music in the US
Regional Mexican Music
Latino/a Voices in Perf Activi
The Roots of Latina/o Hip Hop
Dances of Mexico and Spain
Cumbia: Mus, Diff, & Id. in Am
Select two courses of the following:6
Chicano Cinema
Border Image in Mexican Film
Chicana/o Theatre
AmerCinema of the US-Mex Bord
Hispanic Entrepreneurship
Topics in Spanish 1
Latinx/Latine Theatre
Total Hours18

With departmental approval