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Minor in Linguistics & Bilingualism

Degree Plan

Required Courses:
LING 2320Introduction to Linguistics3
LING 3301Phonology3
or LING 3302 Syntax
or LING 3357 Sociolinguistics &Bilingualism
or LING 4348 Second Language Acquisition
LING Electives:
Select twelve additional hours of upper-division LING:12
The Acad. Vocab. of English
English Phonetics & Phonology
Second Language Teaching
Structure of Spanish
Spanish Phonetics & Phonology
Pedagogical Issues in Spanish
English Historical Linguistics
Struct Engl for Lang Professnl
History of Spanish Language
Spanish in the U.S.
Sociolinguistics &Bilingualism
Child Language Acquisition
Language and Cognition
Second Language Acquisition
Studies in Linguistics
Total Hours18