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Minor in Feminist Philosophy

This minor provides students with an interdisciplinary education in issues central to Feminist Philosophy, which argues that oppression and privilege, conceptions of gender, and women's lives deserve philosophical consideration and may change the way that we understand philosophical problems.  The foundation of students' work for this minor will be Introduction to Women's Studies (Women's Studies), Feminist Philosophy (Philosophy) and Feminist Theory (Women's Studies).  Students will gain an understanding of issues related to gender, race, class and sexuality through the lens of work in ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of science, bioethics, and the history of philosophy, among others.  Students will enrich their core studies through coursework in other areas across the university, including but not limited to courses in Chicano Studies and Sociology.

To complete a minor in Feminist Philosophy, students must earn 18 hours in courses approved for this minor.  This minor is also available under the Women's Studies program.

Degree Plan

Required Courses:
PHIL 1301Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 4307Feminist Philosophy3
or WS 4307 Feminist Philosophy
WS 2300Introduction to Womens Studies3
WS 4310Feminist Theory3
Philosophy Elective:
Select one of the following:3
Ethical Theory
Philosophy of Science
Social Philosophy
Political Philosophy
Minor Elective:
Select one of the following:3
Great Philosophers
Problems in Philosophy Seminar
La Chicana
Women & Work in the Sex Indust
Social Justice Values at Work
Total Hours18