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Minor in Women’s Studies Online

There are many career options for students who pursue a degree in Women's and Gender Studies in the College of Liberal Arts. Students with a degree or a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, go on to pursue careers in media communications, non-profit organizations, advocacy, public health, law, education, and public policy. The program is offered online.

Marketable Skills

Students will develop:

  • Confidence: Students learn to recognize the history of women's activism to create a more equitable and inclusive society. As such, they are likely to speak up and advocate for equity and inclusion.
  • Critical thinking: Students learn about various efforts to challenge exclusionary practices and policies to think of ways to create alternative realities for inclusion and equity in our society.
  • Global awareness: A skillset that students gain by learning about the lives and efforts to achieve equity and social justice among women, men, and gender non-conforming people from various parts of the world.
  • Leadership: students are encouraged to participate in student organizations, service-learning, and community engagement in various courses including internships in which students are partnered with community organizations to develop leadership skills.
  • Problem-solving: Students are engaged with both historical and contemporary examples that call for creative strategies for building new models for solving problems and providing brighter opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds through an intersectional lens.
  • Writing: Communicate using text in a clear and concise manner

Additionally, students will be exposed to media literacy, advocacy, and community engagement.

Requirements for the Online Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS)- Students are required to take 18 credit hours of courses online, including one lower-division course  (WS 2300 or WS 2350) and five upper-division courses in the degree plan and should maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA. Other courses with a related to women or gender relate topics currently taught in other UTEP academic programs or departments will be considered for the online minor and would need the WGS director’s approval.

Degree Plan

Required Courses
Select one of the courses below:
Introduction to Womens Studies
Global Feminisms
Select five courses from the list below:
La Chicana
Chicana/o ID Formation
Family Violence
Gender & Popular Culture
Gender & Technology
Gender & Religion
Women in Literature
Women & Work in the Sex Indust
Plagues, Pandemics, & Power
Mental Illness at the Margins
Women's Health
Gender Issues in Humanities
Gender Issues in Social Scincs
Women's Studies:Special Topics
Feminism of 1960's & 1970's
Total 18