Required Credits: 161 hours including required courses (157 hours) and elective courses (4 hours).
Note: SOP students are required to complete a Study Away experience prior to starting the Fall of the Second Professional Year (P2). This experience may be for elective course credit or may be completed with appropriate approval and documentation from the SOP. The expenses for Study Away will be the responsibility of the student.

First Professional Year (P1)

PHAR 6200Human Metabolism2
PHAR 6401Principles of Drug Action4
PHAR 6202Physical Pharmacy2
PHAR 6207Pharmacy Calculations2
PHAR 6160Integrated Skills Lab IA1
PHAR 6324Cultr Literacy Community Hlth3
PHAR 6120Spanish Rx Professional IA1
PHAR 6241Found. Pharm, Ethics, Law IA2
PHAR 6142Prof Innov Ldr Lifeskills IA1
Total Hours18
PHAR 6309Principles Med & Clin Chem3
PHAR 6303Pharmacokinetics & Genomics3
PHAR 6404Dosage Forms & Compounding4
PHAR 6161Integrated Skills Lab IB1
PHAR 6222Health & Wellness2
PHAR 6121Spanish RX Professional IB1
PHAR 6351Communic Counsel & Law IB3
PHAR 6152Prof Innov Ldr Lifeskills IB1
Total Hours18

Second Professional Year (P2)

PHAR 6201Immunology & Immunizations2
PHAR 6280Community Pharmacy IPPE2
Total Hours4
PHAR 64704
PHAR 64714
PHAR 62662
PHAR 61621
PHAR 62202
PHAR 61261
PHAR 61241
PHAR 62432
PHAR 60440
Total Hours17
Electives 0-2
PHAR 64724
PHAR 64734
PHAR 62672
PHAR 62632
PHAR 62232
PHAR 61271
PHAR 61251
PHAR 62532
PHAR 60540
Total Hours 18

Third Professional Year (P3)

Total Hours4
PHAR 62492
PHAR 62812
Electives 0-2
PHAR 64744
PHAR 64754
PHAR 61681
PHAR 61641
PHAR 62362
PHAR 61321
PHAR 61341
PHAR 63453
PHAR 60460
Total Hours17
PHAR 64764
PHAR 64774
PHAR 61691
PHAR 62652
PHAR 62372
PHAR 61331
PHAR 61351
PHAR 62552
PHAR 61591
PHAR 60650
Total Hours18

Fourth Professional Year (P4)

PHAR 66826
PHAR 66836
PHAR 66846
PHAR 66856
PHAR 66866
PHAR 66876
PHAR 66886
PHAR 66896
PHAR 60480
PHAR 61581
Total Hours43