Course Registration

Course Numbering System

Each course offered by The University of Texas at El Paso is identified by a four-digit course number. The first number indicates the level: 0 = developmental, 1 = freshman, 2 = sophomore, 3 = junior, 4 = senior, 5 or 6 = graduate. The second number indicates the semester-hour value of the course. The last two numbers identify the course within its particular department.

  • Lower-Division Courses are designated by a 1 or 2 as the first digit of the course number.
  • Upper-Division/Advanced Courses are designated by a 3 or 4 as the first digit of the course number. (The student should refer to the departmental and college requirements for specific conditions, if any, imposed on registration in advanced courses.)
  • Graduate Courses are designated by a 5 or 6 as the first digit of the course number.


Registration is a process every student must successfully complete each semester. Although every effort is made to advise students academically, final responsibility for registration rests with the student. Students can attend only those classes for which they are officially enrolled. A student is not enrolled in a course and will not receive a grade for it unless the proper tuition and fees are paid by the deadlines published in the online Class Schedule or unless arrangements have been made with the Student Business Services Office for deferral of payment. If after census day, a student continues to attend classes even after their class schedule was canceled because tuition and fees were not paid, or a student attends a course(s) that he or she is not officially registered in, the student must obtain approval from the instructor(s) to enroll in the course(s). After the semester is closed, the student must obtain approval from the instructor(s) and department chair(s) to enroll in the course(s) no later than 90 days after the end of the term for which the approval is being requested. All approvals must be forwarded to the Registration and Records Office. The student must pay the proper tuition and fees, plus any late fees associated with the late enrollment. After registration, enrollment can be verified by the Registration and Records Office.

Late Registration

Any student who, with proper permission, registers after the scheduled days for regular registration will be required to pay a special charge of $20.00 for the late Web registration process, $30.00 for in-person late registration, or $50.00 on or after the first official school day of class. A new student will have the late registration fee waived as long as registration is made before the first official day of class. Late registrants are subject to the same regulations and course requirements as students who enroll on time. Classes missed because of late registration will be counted as absences, and class or laboratory work missed will be counted as a zero (0) unless the instructor grants the student permission to make up the work.

Any student who has been withdrawn and has his or her schedule reinstated after census day will be assessed a $200 reinstatement fee.

Audit Registration

Courses can be audited under the following provisions:

  1. Students should complete an Audit Registration Form for each course to be audited after classes have begun and prior to the Census Day of the long semester. This form must be signed by the instructor teaching the course and by the department chair and then taken to Student Business Services in the Academic Services Building for payment.
  2. No grades will be assigned and no credit will be awarded for audited courses. The extent of the auditing student’s class participation is at the discretion of the instructor.
  3. Credit by examination for audited courses will not be permitted unless tuition and all appropriate fees are paid before the exam is taken.
  4. The following courses cannot be audited: clinical, laboratory, studio activity, any physical activity class (such as PE or Dance), individual instruction, private lessons, or courses specified in the degree plan. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the course being audited is not within the excluded categories. Audit registration fees will not be refunded for a class in an excluded category.
  5. Audit-only students must purchase a library community user card and a parking decal if they wish to park on UTEP property. Other student benefits such as tickets to events, student health services, access to the Swimming and Fitness Center, or a student ID are not available to audit-only students. Existing student IDs will not be activated for any semester in which a student is in an audit-only status.
  6. Audit fees:
    1. $10.00 per course for students concurrently enrolled at UTEP.
    2. $30.00 per course for students not concurrently enrolled at UTEP.
    3. No charge for students over 65 years of age.
  7. Students should not register for courses they plan to audit. Course registration does not guarantee a seat as an auditor. Registering for the course will result in the assessment of regular tuition and fees, in addition to the audit fees noted above.